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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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I worked at a local club today – went in at 10:30 this morning to paint the day shift, then back at 3 p.m. to paint the night staff… I really enjoy this type of painting – lots of bare skin willing to be painted and all the instruction I get is maybe a colour choice or location specification!!

The gals really love the rainbow cakes…

They all dress in green and  a couple went all out and made tutu’s out of green tulle and were wearing corsets!!

Stopped in to see mom at the hospital between painting.  She told me she walked 15 feet this morning!!!  They had a brace on her left leg (which doesn’t work) and she used a cane that is sort of like a small walker with four legs.

She got emotional for a bit – said she woke up with something important to talk to me about but she couldn’t remember what it was.  Says she forgets things and started to cry.  I got the notepad that I had brought in out and put it on the table for her and told her to make a note when she thought of something she wanted to remember.

I reminded her that we both forget things all the time…

She’s also moving around in the wheelchair herself now too!  Too fast though… without paying attention to where her feet are heading!

All in all the progress this past week is amazing!!

I got there for lunch today and she ate EVERYTHING on her plate, and with gusto!

I think she’s decided she is getting out of there and eating to get stronger will help.  She needs some meat back on her bones for sure!!

The session with Physio for Tuesday didn’t happen – I got there for 9 a.m. but mom’s session was for 11 a.m.  Seems the PT had to cancel.  So I will go in tomorrow morning.  Still not sure what for…

Anne is going to send me some photos that she took at the winter games of the make-up… I was really not on top of things and didn’t get many myself.

The tattoos I designed turned out really neat.  The Ravens were giving them out to people at each ceremony.


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