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All alone again…

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Anne and Jill left for home today.   I’m all alone in the house again…

We stopped to see mom at the hospital on the way to the airport… Anne was a huge hit with her new hair cut!!  LOL

It was such fun having them here.   They told me they are planning another trip over in two years… then at the airport Anne said, well maybe next year.

I have a fridge full of leftovers to eat my way through … and Anne left food all over the place – crackers and chocolate… and there is a rugby jersey on the table downstairs… Hey Anne… do you want me to see if I can trade it for one from the local team since we didn’t get around to that while you were here?

On Saturday mom came to the closing ceremonies and it was much more comfortable – figuring out how to dress her so she doesn’t slide out of the wheelchair helped, and she liked the Handi-Bus better than the taxi!

Mom is doing amazingly well.  She’s talking a lot and getting more active.  Today she told us she was able to use the toilet herself (to an extent) which is great.

She really wants to come home, and I want her to, but … she has to be safe to be left alone, be able to move around on her own preferably without a wheelchair… if she is in a wheelchair then we need to make changes here before she can come home.

She is actually being bratty… yesterday and today she’s been quite demanding and actually rude – like a child would be.  I’m not sure if it is frustration with being at the hospital (which is understandable to a certain extent) OR if it is a behavioural change due to the stroke.  It isn’t “normal” behaviour for her.  Although given the circumstances most of us would be getting a bit demanding, I suppose.

I’m going in tomorrow and Thursday morning to go to her Physio session with her. Not sure what I am supposed to be doing – the other time I stayed for Physio I just watched then talked with the therapist afterwards.

If they expect me to actually do things there will be a problem due to my RSI problems with my hands as I cannot grip or hold with either hand with any real consistent strength or do it without pain… hopefully it is just to observe and learn what she can do or needs to do.


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