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Arctic Winter Games and more!

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So we’ve been busy.  I’ve taken Anne and Jill to various venues and we’ve watched sports and cultural performances pretty much everyday!  We’ve been to Hockey (watched the Alberta Junior Women beat Yukon 5-0!), Figure Skating, Speed Skating, Pin trading…

Yesterday we watched the Half-Pipe competition

And Anne and I leaned on the podium (we didn’t have the nerve to actually get up on it!)

We were checking the snow as Anne thought she’d dropped one of her pins – she got the pin collecting bug.  We are still looking for CBC film crews to get the “B” and second “C” pins from the set they are giving out!

Caught a dog team taking a pee break at Centre 2000!  They were from Alaska.  These are speed dogs, not the sort that do the Iditarod (they don’t have the fur and endurance of the big hairy dogs!)

We caught a lunchtime concert at the theatre that had several different cultural performances from the various teams.  This photo is of Team Sapmi (from Northern Scandinavia, aka Lapland) Yoiking… we had no idea what Yoiking was when we got there.  It is singing and sounds sort of like rap-yodeling but very melodious.  Their costumes were gorgeous.

We also checked out the art show at the Centre for Creative Arts (I didn’t place) and then over to the Centre 2000 for the cultural exhibits (traditional dress, etc.)

Anne caught a herd of deer grazing beside the Canfor Mill on the way back into town.  She was making all sorts of noise but neither Jill nor I knew why… I thought she was taking photos of the burner… but she was trying to say “DEER!”  LOL

This morning was the BIG DAY… Anne got her hair shaved off and I’ll be painting her tonight.

Lovely expression, eh?!  LOL

I got some photos from Anne of the Opening Ceremonies

This is the athlete’s entrance – I think that is Team Alberta entering.

This one is some of the “Hero’s Journey” show with the Legend Characters and dancers.  After this they got into the “welcomes” from the various VIPs which is when we had to leave.

Mom decided to come to the Closing Ceremonies so I was able to book the Handi-Bus this time.  And booked it for a later departure from the arena so we can make sure she can see the show right through this time.

On Saturday at the Closing Ceremonies we are going to make a real effort to get good make-up photos!

There are some good ones on CBC North.


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