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2010 Arctic Winter Games


Well… The Opening Ceremonies were last night so I can finally share some photos since the press was there and everything!!

These three characters are the “Legends” which are part of a story/theme running through the whole games.  They have given it the name “A Hero’s Journey” and there are four Legend characters.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to see that part of the show last night!!!  ARGH.  The schedule was for the ceremony to run 7-9 p.m. and I was told it HAD to be done by 9 as it is mandated by the organization of the Arctic Winter Games. 

So… we booked mom’s transportation from the hospital to pick her up there at 6:30 p.m. and to come and get her to take her back at 9:15 p.m.   But they were running seriously overtime!!

They had alloted in the schedule 20 minutes for the athlete’s entrance… it took 16 minutes to seat the FIRST delegation alone!!!  And there are NINE contingents!!

They had just started the greetings from the various dignitaries when we had to leave to get mom to her ride and then follow to get her back to the ward.

Mom was very tired and uncomfortable.  She’s not sure she wants to come out again for the closing ceremonies – which means she won’t see my work.  And I haven’t seen it properly yet either!

I’ll get more photos up shortly!  We had a bunch of  Ravens to paint and a dozen drummers too and Anne’s got photos of those.


2 thoughts on “2010 Arctic Winter Games

  1. That’s everyones time up here …. shows with curtain times of 8 p.m. don’t start till 20 after!!

  2. Great work, as usual, Shannon! Altho, as a ‘Native American”–I can tell you that at least down here in the Western States is ‘Indian Time is –“When we get around to it!” ‘

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