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More news


Just chatted with Anne on the phone and she and Jill are in a hotel in Leduc for the night.  Jill is okay – was a combo of things that caused the problem.

They need to get the doctors to advise the airline if she is fit to fly and then they’ll be on the first available flight up after that.

Air Canada apparently has really gone the extra mile… for those of us here in Canada I can say for all of us… OMG that’s amazing!  Even the doctor at the hospital was impressed with the service that AC has been giving Anne & Jill… they paid for the ride to the hospital, and then to the hotel, booked the hotel or them, are changing flights as required for no charge, escorted and arranged for them to get through security and customs and get their luggage without them having to line-up…

And Anne says that the flight crew were wonderful and attentive, taking shifts checking on Jill throughout the flight, and making sure Anne was taken care of too.

Guess the “Olympic” spirit is still in the skies!


3 thoughts on “More news

  1. Glad your mom’s doing so much better!

    Hey, just wanted to let you know I’ve nominated your blog for the Sunshine Award. Check out my post here: for details. 😀

    • Thanks… now I have to do what? Just what it says in your post on your blog? I’ll have to go find 12 blogs to read!! LOL I think I have 3 bookmarked!

  2. wow that is amazing – I hope everyone is OK!!

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