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Some more progress, I think anyway!

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I went in today to be there for Mom’s physio with the Rehab Physiotherapist.  Mom can move her left leg so much more than she could before!!  And she is standing and sitting on her own – with just a little help from the PT.

I’m encouraged. 

After the session the therapist and I talked about home life and mom’s condition prior to the stroke – so she would know what was “normal” for mom vs what was stroke related.

Mom is so much more alert and conversational.  I left her in her wheelchair reading her Stephen King today… 

She has OT this afternoon.

I only noticed today, but her eyebrows look like Brezhnev’s!!  LOL  I didn’t realize she still grew in so much hair… Good thing I am a professional!  I will take in my tweezers and clean her up tomorrow before the company from the UK arrives… can’t scare them with hairy eyebrows!!  LOL

I asked again about the pass to get Mom out for the Winter Games  ceremonies – the doctor still hasn’t done anything about the request.  The nurses check and the note is there but no notes from the doctor.

I kinda think with her heart acting up, etc. that we might not get it for this weekend.  Her nurse this morning was very sweet and very attentive, coming into breakfast and physio to check to make sure Mom wasn’t having any problems.

Tomorrow Anne and Jill arrive!


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