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Oh hell…

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Got home tonight from work to a message on my phone from the hospital… I HATE it when they do that!!  My heart just about jumps out of  my chest.

I called back and was told that mom’s heart was acting up again – she was having trouble breathing, etc. so they called the doctor, put her on oxygen and the doctor prescribed nitroglycerin… etc.  Then her blood pressure dropped too low, they gave her a bunch of stuff, and are now monitoring her…

I had been there at lunchtime today.  Mom was tired – she’d had an hour of physio and an hour of occupational therapy before lunch.  The physio (new one now that she’s in Rehab) came up to meet me – wants me to attend sessions with mom so I said I would go in tomorrow morning for 9 a.m. to see what is going on.

Being there regularly for therapy isn’t really all that convenient – I’ve got two jobs, guests arriving, and tickets to events, etc. over the next couple weeks but this therapist wants me to be there, it appears, several times a week at least for the sessions.

I go in on my way to work, and on my days off I make and take mom a good dinner… I am not really all that keen on TWO trips a day. 

If this keeps happening with her heart I don’t think we’ll be able to spring her to go to the Winter Games ceremonies… if her heart starts up she’ll be too far from care.

This morning I painted a face for the FACE postal competitions… got a model over for 9:30 this morning.  A new model!!  Everyone recognizes Naomi now so time for a change…

Now I need to do another painting for the other contest by the weekend so I can send it off by the 6th.


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