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It’s not very often I’d take the liberty to do this and hijack Shannon’s blog…………but today I really can’t resist as Mum (Jill aka Gummy Slug) and I only have 2 more sleeps until we leave to invade Shannon and June.  Shannon’s going to let June know that she is most definitely NOT having a quiet time while we’re over (sadly I don’t do quiet as Shannon will tell you 🙂 lol).

I’m looking forward to visiting Grande Prairie again and making the most of what is left of the snow.  I’ve planned as soon as we get off the plane, mum will have the camera ready and I’m straight into the white stuff to do my snow angels (well Shannon said it’s no good for snowballs lol).

We’ve got a lot planned, including me having my hair shaved off for charity whilst I’m there.  I’ve been busy raising sponsorship back in the UK for St Lukes Hospice (terminal care) and the Stroke Association.  I’m then gonna charge Shannon to paint on my head…………but ssshhhhh don’t tell her that though, she doesn’t know that bit yet 🙂 lol.

Mum is armed with her receipes to make Shannon the good ole English Yorkshire Puddings along with a big roast with all the trimmings.  Mum’s then on dish duty for the fortnight (well it keeps her happy lol).  We’re looking forward to seeing June as well.  Mum gets on really well with her and they both belong to this ‘hat club’.  I guess it’s a Mom/Mum’s thing lol.

I’d better stop hijacking Shannon’s blog now…………..she’ll tell me off when she sees this lol. 

Hugs to all out there and ***raspberries*** to my lovely mate Shannon. xxxx


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