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Time flies…

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I can’t believe it is the LAST day of February already.  Where does the time go???

Anne and Jill arrive from the UK on Wednesday, dress rehearsals for the Arctic Winter Games ceremonies start on Friday, deadline for the FACE postal competitions is Saturday (completely slipped my mind until a reminder was posted!)

I’ve asked for a pass to get mom out of the hospital to come and watch the opening and closing ceremonies – we can book the Handi-Bus to take her there and back which is good.  Just need to find out if the doctor approves the pass, then book the bus…

Spent yesterday getting all my charts done for the games make-up and made step-by-step instruction cards for the leads who will be doing walk-abouts during the week and will have to do their own make-up.  I love my laminator!!! 

I arranged for a model to come over tomorrow morning so I can get something painted for the FACE postal competition… a NEW model!  My regular/favourites become so recognizable that everyone knows it is my painting so I asked someone new who is  very excited to do it.

Got a quote from the roofer to repair the leaks – it is the flashing around the various vents apparently.  Told them to get it done.

Mom had a bit of an episode on Friday afternoon when I was there – her heart got into an irregular rhythm and was causing her tightness and breathing difficulty.  The doctor was around and put her back on one of the other blood thinners again for a couple days.  They have to watch her though as it causes her already low blood pressure to drop too low.

And we determined that what she had told me about coming home after I learned to transfer her was just coming home for visits… I talked to the head nurse and it is still going to be awhile before anyone will be able to tell what will happen.

But… she CAN move her left leg!!  It wasn’t a lot but she was able to bend the knee and move it and push the doctor’s hand with her foot.  It still doesn’t bear weight but at least it is progress!

I cleaned out her bedside table yesterday… it was getting full of things she just was not using.  Partially as she cannot handle the items nor get them out herself and the nursing staff is not into helping with those little things – they will shift the tv around, but that’s about it.  Half the time they don’t even put her call button within her reach.

So I brought home CDs and player, the handheld games, and generally tidied up.  She has no interest in chocolate either… I’ve pretty much eaten all that was there…

I paid for another month of television just so she’s got something to watch… she had just started to actually use the controls herself (they aren’t easy really) to change channels.  I take in the TV guide from the newspaper but it is very small print… so I go through and tell her what is on at what time and channel that  might interest her that night, and she’ll try to remember to watch.


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