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What an improvement!!

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Today mom was a new woman!  She was talking almost normally, conversationally, and calling the  nurses and responding to the loud-speaker herself.

She told me she’d had a real workout today in physio… and she is transferring really well to. She told me I need to get her a walker… but I need to talk to the physio to find out what I should be getting.  I don’t think there is any rush as the hospital will provide one if she needs it – but obviously she wants to get out of there.

I went and bought a piece of liver to make her liver & onions for dinner today.  I went to our local specialty butcher and bought one piece – it cost a whopping 39 cents!!  And that was a decent serving size too!!  If only I liked it…

I rendered down a couple rashers of bacon in a frying pan, removed them and chopped them up, fried onions in the fat, removed them, then added a little butter, and fried the dredged liver.  Remove it when done and then added back all the onions and bacon and made a nice gravy.  I even tasted it to check for seasoning… except for the liver taste is was okay.

I took it and half a stuffed baked potato in.  Mom ate it all!!  and she also ate the green salad, yoghurt and Ensure from her hospital tray!  That is the biggest meal she’s eaten since it happened.  And then she ate some grapes after dinner (I’d taken in some yesterday.)

AND THEN… she drank some cranberry juice!  Total change.  Tomorrow I’m taking her spring rolls and rice with plum sauce.

Apparently all the staff go into her room every morning to check the day’s menu… I leave notes on her white board saying what time I’ll be there and what I’m bringing.

One of the other patients offered to pay me to cook for him too.  I passed.

She’s really hoping to be able to come out for some day trips during the Games and Anne & Jill’s visit (they arrive next Wednesday).  And hopefully we can get her out to go to the opening ceremonies too.

Seeing how she was today I hope that we can do that!!  I have to talk to physio and the doctor though.


One thought on “What an improvement!!

  1. awesome. she is lucky to have you.
    I bet she is the envy of all the other patients — with all the food you bring her.


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