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Mom’s doing pretty good

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She has improved a lot over the last week.  Once they figured out the heart problem and got her on medication for that, and got her off the stuff that wasn’t necessary she’s perked up a lot.

She is initiating conversation, asking verbally and in a louder voice for things, and the physio yesterday said the improvement in her physical balance etc has improved a lot in the last week.  He stated that he anticipates her being in rehab as of next week – but we’ll see. I’ve heard that before.

But mom is getting longer workouts with the Physio now so things are looking good.  They got her a better wheelchair to use, and she’s eating a bit better.

She’s not into reading though.  I asked her if she was having problems reading and she said no, but she’s not focussing very well I think.  She’s not really moving her eyes to read – if you know what I mean?  The only thing she’s doing regularly is watching television but she doesn’t bother changing the channel herself… so gets stuck on whatever channel it was on.

An aunt sent her a CD player and CDs but mom hasn’t used them.  I ask her if she wants to but she’s never been the type to sit and listen to music and now isn’t any different.

I got one of those lap desks – pillow on one side, table on the other.  It worked fine to prop up her Stephen King but she’s not showing any real interest in reading it at the moment.

I’m hoping now that she’s more awake, alert and active that she’ll show more interest in the reading and puzzle books to get her mind active again.

She’s eating a bit better – at least closer to her normal bird like appetite!

She’s got a new roommate – who appears to be partially deaf as she has her headphones on and I can hear every word on the television from across the room!


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