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Adventures in Housework

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So yesterday I spent most of the day actually cleaning!

I did both bathrooms… toilets too.  It took a little scrubbing to get the “waterline” out of them.  Our water is full of crud and leaves real heavy deposits of white crystal-ish stuff… That’s why we get bottled water delivered for drinking and cooking with!

I vacuumed the downstairs again, including the stairs – vacuums get heavy when you are trying to carry them and use them at the same time!

Washed the sinks in the downstairs kitchen and bath… amazing how coated the stainless steel one was with paint!  LOL… that’s where I wash my paints out and I didn’t realize how much residue they left.

Did yet more laundry, tidied up the guest area downstairs (Anne and Jill are arriving from the UK in eleven sleeps!) put away and tidied the sewing area, moved some of my display stuff around – things that hadn’t been put away from when we were moving them for the renovations.

Got my kits put away – I had left them sitting in the foyer for a couple weeks after I’d used them.  Decided I should clear the foyer … then I went to open the door to get the mail (I’d been going through the garage to get it while the door was blocked by my kits) and discovered I CAN’T GET IT OPEN!!!  So I will be calling the contractor who “fixed” it in December – it was -30C when he did it so the metal door has probably expanded now that we are around +1C…

I called the roofers and they should be by on Monday to check things out for me… luckily the bathroom “leak” seems to have stopped as the wall is drying out (the bubbles have shrunk and hardened) and the office leak hasn’t been dripping obviously – but we were staying a bit cooler the last couple days (not getting above -3C) so the melting wasn’t as aggressive.

And lots of people have suggested putting out the dryer lint for the birds to use making nests… not sure how that will work here, mostly what make nest in our neighbourhood are crows and magpies and they are usually hauling around sticks… but, I might try that to see if they want it.  I might just sit it on the deck in a basket as they usually come and visit when they come back in the spring.

The only real mess I’ve got left to deal with is the garage… I’ve been putting off dealing with it because it is hazardous but I’ve got to get it cleaned up. 

We have a couple of dressers out there with tools and some of my equipment and other stuff stored in them.  I had started to clear and tidy out the drawers at the end of December and when I pulled out the bottom drawers discovered that mice had been there… they were long dead but there are pounds of turds and chewed up poison all through the bottom drawers, and when I pulled them all the way out, the bottom of the dressers are packed with it too… I can’t vacuum it up as it would become airborne and I don’t want to be breathing in rat poison and mouse turds (the Hanta virus is known in the area), so I have to tackle it by hand… gloves and masks and overalls… I’ve not been looking forward to this.  I’ll have to pull the furniture away from the walls too to get behind them…

I won’t be doing that today… but will need to tackle it SOON!!


One thought on “Adventures in Housework

  1. try tying up the lint in a mesh bag.. may keep the bigger birds less interested and the smaller ones would spend a little time pulling it out????

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