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Dryer Lint?

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Some of you who know me may have gathered over the years that I didn’t do housework. That was Mom’s “job” as I have two jobs outside the house.

Now that Mom has taken up residence in the hospital for a yet to be determined time (8 months ++ potentially, they told her once she gets into Rehab it would be 6 months, and she’s already coming up on being there 2 months and rehab is still a long way off probably) I HAVE to do housework.

The dust bunnies presented me with a petition for better living conditions the other day so I just cleared out their slum with the dust mop.

The new bamboo floor is great… but where the hell does all the dust come from????  There are dust forests forming under every piece of furniture and in every corner and I sweep every day or so!?????????

And the dishes… how can one person dirty so many?  I manage to use up ALL the cutlery in less than a week?  HOW?  I am trying not to use more than I need to, rinsing off and reusing, etc. but I keep ending up with a full dishwasher and no clean knives or bowls!!

I gave up washing by hand as I used the dishes… I was running the tap continually and figured running the dishwasher a couple times of week is probably cheaper in the long run, and it sterilizes things too.

And the trash… I’ve got recycling piling up out in the garage.  Time for another trip to the Eco-Centre.  Honestly, it is amazing how much plastic waste we produce… it really is scary and makes me annoyed at the manufacturers.  There has to be a better way to package things.

I actually have only had to put the actual garbage out twice since the beginning of January – we have weekly pick-up but I haven’t had enough to worry about getting up early to put it out.  Yesterday was only the second time and I only had one bag in the bin… we recycle about 95% of our garbage. 

If mom would let me re-start my composter we would be recycling about 99% of our waste!  But she figures it attracts mice.

I need to seriously clean the bathrooms… I’ve cleaned the sink and shower in my bath, but need to clean the downstairs one, and the toilets… how the heck do they get that ring in them when they aren’t being used?????

I also need to vacuum again downstairs – not sure why.  It is only me and I vacuumed the carpets a couple weeks ago, but they are covered with lint and stuff again… There has to be people living under the stairs that run around when I’m out.  How else is everything getting dirty???

Laundry is never-ending – I’m doing Mom’s which I pick up everyday when I visit.   She’s wearing sweats so it is bulky stuff.  And I’ve got my whites from work too, so I’m doing at least two loads every couple days.

Which leads to my question… Dryer Lint… Why is there SOOO much of it?

You’d think clothing that has been washed a multitude of times wouldn’t have so much “dander” to release each time… given the pounds of lint I’ve been collecting in the bin you’d think the clothes would have deteriorated to nothing by now.

Some of this stuff is dense like thick soft felt when I peel it off the dryer filter… and I can’t help thinking…


Anyone have any ideas?  Post with photos please!


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