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Bloody H*LL!

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It doesn’t just rain… it POURS!  And I mean that literally…

Last night I got home… and there was water running into my office from the top of the window… CRAP!  There does appear to be an ice dam on the roof and icicles hanging from the soffit outside window… SH*T!  

The temporary fix for this is to get the roof clear and melt the ice dam… but I can’t do it, and the roofing company won’t do it… and I’m not asking family or friends to risk their lives (not that there are any available…)

AND… in the bathroom, under the window, the gyproc is bubbling… meaning it is wet… I can NOT see where the water is coming from in there.  The roof is clear above the window…

These are on opposite sides of the house so are UNRELATED… meaning I have TWO PROBLEMS….

I hate it when we get these warm spells in winter… play havoc with the roofing.  Freeze, thaw, drip, freeze, thaw… etc. etc. 

I DO NOT NEED THIS RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On an up note… one of my night clubs just booked me for this weekend and for St. Patrick’s… It won’t cover the roof repairs but it will help.


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