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holy Geez… just had the cr*p scared outta me!


I was just down in the basement getting clothes out of the dryer… all alone in the house… it is pitch black outside and we have basement windows at ground level… and there are four of them in the laundry room which runs pretty much the length of the house, with one just above the dryer…

I’m pulling out clothes and folding and hear a bump… I though it was the furnace starting to kick in (the laundry is also the utility room) but realized it was in front of me not behind me where the furnace was….

So I looked up and caught a movement in the window… my heart just about leapt out of my  chest… THERE WAS A FACE IN THE WINDOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

A grey face with whiskers… it was a HUGE Persian cat, and he wanted in!  Kept rubbing up against the screen and hitting it with his paws!  He was gorgeous, was wearing a collar and has the most beautiful blue eyes… I talked to him and he heard me as he was reacting… Looks like he was hanging out under the dryer vent and under the deck.

My heart is still pounding… LOL


2 thoughts on “holy Geez… just had the cr*p scared outta me!

  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you think I’m sleeping in your basement now when Mum and I arrive you’ve got another think coming lol lol 🙂 that is sooooo not a good thing to be telling Mum, it’ll totally freak her – even if it is a cat………..she jumps at her own shadow……….on the other side, that was absolutely hilarious reading what happened to you lol lol :). Love ya matey. xxxx

  2. How freaky! I had a similar experience once in my laundry room. Only it was a moving tarp in the wind. My heart jumped out of my chest too. You just don’t expect that something is going to move outside the window at 2:00 am!

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