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I am so frustrated…

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…with lazy nurses!  I got there around 2:30 p.m. after working a full shift.  Mom was in bed, in the dark, not even watching t.v.

Her nurse, when I saw her, advised me that mom hadn’t wanted to eat in the dining room today for either breakfast or lunch – I said why?  She said mom had told her she didn’t want to.  I asked mom and mom looked surprized, said, no, she did NOT say that.  And I know mom prefers to eat there as it is “social”… she told me that a few weeks ago.

And mom hadn’t had any painkillers today so she is completely lucid!  This nurse is one of those who was giving mom TWO Percocets every morning BTW… obviously she subscribes to the drug ’em and keep ’em quite school of nursing.  But now that the dose was lowered by the doctor it won’t keep mom in a stupor.

Then this nurse comes in to the room to CHANGE MOM’S DIAPER!  Mom has been using the commode and/or toilet SINCE THEY TOOK OUT THE CATHETER.  I was wondering what was going on yesterday and today when mom didn’t ask to use the toilet while I was there – usually she has to go at least three times during a 4-5 hour span of time.

I asked mom WHY???  She said the nurse takes so long to get there when she rings for them (as when mom has to go, she has to go) that she’s just not bothering to ring (particularly for the ones that IGNORE THE BELL!) now.

Freakin’ hell.  Part of the rehab process is using the toilet…  because some nurses are too damn lazy or too damn slow to be bothered responding to their patient’s call bell, it is causing mom to become WORSE OFF than she was.

Although it is better than them leaving her on the toilet, unsecured, so that she falls asleep and falls off … again… I guess.  At least soiling a diaper won’t cause head trauma.

On top of the fact that she’s lost almost all the strength she had in on her right side because she’s been bedridden for a month.

AND… I had a long talk with the Physiotherapist and she said that mom has to have enough energy to last for an hour session at a time – she’s not able to go for 20 minutes now… and she seems to be getting worse off each day… so getting into rehab may actually be a long wait.

She’s mentally more there but today wasn’t talking much.  I think this particular lazy ass nurse thinks that mom doesn’t talk to me because she doesn’t verbally respond to her … My sister told me to make notes of dates and nurses’ names then complain to unit management.

I asked mom why she won’t talk – as on Wednesday she actually was talking to me some of the time with her usual voice, not this whispering that she’s been doing.  She said she’s got nothing to talk about – I said, maybe you should read Stephen King to me out loud.  Not sure if she thought that was a good idea or not.

Since she doesn’t respond verbally to most of the nurses, just shrugs, raises her eyebrows, smiles or waves her hand, I think most of the staff don’t think she is verbal.

I, by myself, got mom into her chair to go to the dining room for dinner.  She wasn’t into eating much today – ate her yoghurt, some ice cream, a piece of cake, one ravioli,  a couple mouthfuls from her dinner (ground meat and diced carrots) and her Ensure.  Then went back to her room and a couple of other nurses got her back into bed.  We found a channel on the t.v. that would have three of the shows she liked on tonight. 

Then the nurse comes in… and starts to change mom into a nightgown… at 5:30???  WTF?  All the other nurses have told me the “night staff” do that as well as give a sponge bath before settling them in for the night – and I’ve been there many nights until 8 p.m. and know this personally!!

AND… mom smelled not great, AND … there were no “dirty” clothes for me to bring home (there usually is) …

AND… none of them have even attempted to clean her teeth or mouth.  I’ve cleaned her teeth before I leave each day.

Tomorrow I am going to attempt to find one of those lap-desks, the kind that are pillows with a hard table top.  Hopefully, that will work so mom can read her Stephen King and do puzzles. 

And my sister said to get those big elastic bands to attach to the bed so mom can do some exercises lying in bed.  I asked the Physio about that and they said it was okay.

I had hoped we should be making progress by now but it seems like the care mom is getting from some is causing her to regress instead.  It is so tempting to install a “nanny-cam”… but can’t afford to! 

Anne and Jill arrive in three weeks… and we were hoping to get mom out for day-trips or an overnight visit home, but if she is like she is now I doubt we’ll be able to.  She’s too weak, her left side flops, and she’s too tired.  Getting her into the wheelchair exhausts her and it isn’t easy to do with one person as you can’t get her in the chair properly and straight.


And I still haven’t had a day off myself since the stroke.  And my next show opens next week… so there go my evenings again… then the Arctic Winter Games rehearsals start BEFORE this show is actually done… so no breaks on the horizon.  And I haven’t got my books done to give the accountant – I usually have them ready the first week of January and then wait for the T4s and other government stuff to arrive.


One thought on “I am so frustrated…

  1. oh Shannon. Hang on in there matey. Will call you tonight, have a catch up. When Mum and I get there, we’ll give June LOADS to talk about and will have lots of goodies for her to keep her occupied. Mum wants to help boost her up. We can, and I think we must, get June out and about. You and I together will be able to get her into a wheelchair and make her comfortable and straight. By getting her out and about – no matter how tired it may make her – will be good for her and give her something to talk about as well. Guess she’s not got a lot to talk about given that she’s in the same place each day, we can change that. You, me and Mum. Hugs to you. Love ya mate. xxxx

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