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2010 Arctic Winter Games

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I did make-up tests last weekend for the designs for the Arctic Winter Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies.  Pretty cool!  Can’t show you though… until AFTER the event… nah nah!!

They are also having temporary tattoos made of  my artwork!!  All the athletes will be wearing them at the ceremonies – and possibly the committee and the VIPs as well… How cool is that?

I will be taking my camera to the event… and hopefully will be able to get good shots.  I know there will be “official” photos and will be asking for copies of those too.  We have several dress rehearsals so I’m really hoping that I’ll be able to get my shots taken while they are in action …

At the event they will be projecting on to a big screen too so the faces will be HUGE!!!  LOL … that’ll show up any flaws in the line work!! 

I’m hoping mom will be well enough to come – although the tickets I bought last fall for her and Jill (Anne’s mom) are in the stands and mom will probably be in a wheelchair – I’m sure I can exchange it due to the circumstances… I hope!


One thought on “2010 Arctic Winter Games

  1. HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I’ve seen them………………but then I’ve got to paint them too and I’m now shaking at the thought of my linework being on the BIG screen lol 🙂 hey ho……………get June’s ticket changed anyway Shannon and Mum’s too and we’ll drag June there every single day. We’ll get her active………cor blimey, she’ll be looking forward to us wearing her out lol :)xxxxx

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