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After being led to believe by comments made by at least two of the staff that mom would be starting in the rehab program on Monday (yesterday) we discovered she isn’t.

Her application is there but she wasn’t on the intake yesterday.  So… the team has intake meetings every Thursday so keep your fingers crossed that she is on the next intake.

Annoying and disappointing… she is bored out of her gourd laying/sitting there in the wheelchair.  She’s not mobile, the nurses from one day to the next change and the new ones don’t know how to treat her and some treat her like a total idiot/invalid/senile etc. 

For example, she has eaten all her meals in the Rehab dining room with the rehab patients for weeks – the “new” nurse yesterday didn’t take her there… her roomie asked why she wasn’t in the dining room for breakfast when I got there… so I told the nurse mom eats there, she had no idea.

I was really hoping she would be into rehab… that means 3-4 hours of therapy a day which would tire her out so… that I would not feel guilty about taking a day off from visiting as she wouldn’t miss me.

Turns out her roomie gets to go home this weekend.  She had her stroke three months ago.  And another patient  had his stroke two and a half monts ago and he gets to go home in about three weeks his wife said. 

I’m getting frustrated… I know mom is weak, BUT part of that is 1) they’ve left her lying in bed for a month 2) they’ve been over-medicating her into a drooling vegetable therefore assessing her non-responsive 3) she hasn’t been getting daily exercise/therapy 4) nurses are not consistent with how they are dealing with her so she’s not sure what she is supposed to do.

She had a lot of physical strength initially – was able to pull herself up and hold herself up with her right side, but now, after a month she’s very weak and slumps… there is no real strength in her right arm anymore…

After getting her off the other drugs there was a really obvious improvement in her yesterday – responsive, alert, taking to me (not so much others!) so I hope that is noticed by the therapists and doctors!


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