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The Mystery of the Disappearing Doctor

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A miracle occurred today and it was a Saturday!  While I was there the doctor appeared!  First time I’ve seen him since January 11th when he told me to put mom in long-term care… before reading her chart!

I guess my stink making about the over drugging finally made him decide to come and see me when I was in… or it may have been a total accident that he appeared while I was there… or maybe he wanted to see a tiger?  Doesn’t matter though cause he agreed to stop the Lipitor (cholesterol lowering) and the Celexa (anti-depressant)!!!!!! 

He allowed that it was mom’s decision (our decision) and that it was good to want to deal with things “naturally”… also, he said he did not put her on the Celexa that the Psychiatrist did that, he said he liked to wait 4 weeks or so before putting a patient on an anti-depressant and they may snap out of it… so, he took her off them and we will watch her to see IF she might need it later… I don’t think she will as she is a very strong person mentally and not prone to depression.

And he confirmed that mom’s cholesterol is normal and there is no plaque build up in her arteries.  He did explain that they like to lower even “normal” cholesterol but let us make the decision.

He’s also lowered her Percocet dose to 1/2 a pill AS REQUIRED.  He was a little surprized about them dosing her with 2 pills as he had ordered them AS NEEDED it was not necessary to give her two at a time.

The fewer drugs that mom is on the better… she was way more alert today.

So now she’s on heparin, baby aspirin and for pain Tylenol or Percocet as needed.  Plus a collection of vitamins and supplements – not sure I agree with the need but since she is eating so little it can’t hurt.

She still isn’t talking a lot and not to the nurses or doctors much as far as I can tell.  The nurse today was commenting about her not talking… mom talked to me though.  Hopefully once she’s in Speech Therapy everyday she’ll start using her “inside voice” again!

I found her a couple of puzzle books with coil binding – they open all the way and she can manage them with one hand.   She had a bit of a nap and I did one of the crosswords – argh!  Not easy ones.  But the word search book will be fine.

Tomorrow I have a rehearsal/make-up test for the Arctic Winter Games… and Tuesday a theatre demo at a public school.  Need to go and sort out my kits…


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