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Mom is now in the Stroke Rehab Program


Well it is official (I think)… as of Monday, Feb 8 Mom is in the Stroke Rehab Program and will have an hour of Physiotherapy, an hour of Occupational Therapy and an hour of Speech Therapy every day, Monday through Friday.

They have put her on the toilet for most of the last week now which is a great relief to her… she hated the commode.

They have reduced her Percocet dose to one pill now on her chart.  I had a fit yesterday as they were giving her TWO every morning which was turning her into a drooling vegetable – and the mornings is when the doctors and others who have to “assess” her would visit.  They then got no response or worse from her… because she was in a drugged stupor!!!

I think I finally got through to them – I told everyone who would listen!!!  The physios, the nurses, the social worker… !

Today I scared the nurses … I stopped into visit on my way to a birthday party so I was painted as a tiger (à la Mark Reid – yes, I have his Fantasy Cat book … and I’m the first to admit that I do use other people’s work as inspiration on occasion!!) not that I was a scary tiger… they were just startled!

Do you realize how HARD it is to have serious discussion or to chew out someone’s butt with your face painted???

I’ve taken in food this week and she’s been eating it.  I took in chili and a loaf of garlic bread the other day and she and her roommate both had a bowl and several pieces of garlic bread.  I warned all the nurses that I was feeding them chili!!  LOL

As I was getting ready to leave both my uncles showed up to visit and she was very happy to see them.

The birthday party I did today was at the park in the “auditorium”.  It was a “carnival birthday” with a bouncy house, games and LOUD… REALLY LOUD… children… we were all confined in this room that really wasn’t meant for LOUD… REALLY LOUD… children…

I was painted as a tiger, and rather well too, and NOT ONE asked to be a tiger or a cat or even a dog!!  Butterflies and skulls.  I honestly think that I could just say – sorry all I can paint is butterflies and skulls – and the kids would be perfectly happy.


2 thoughts on “Mom is now in the Stroke Rehab Program

  1. They’ve told us she will be in the Rehab program for a minumum of six months… or longer if necessary. She will stay in the hospital that whole time. Once she’s a bit more mobile she will be able to come home for day visits and then weekends…

  2. Good news! I bet the chili and the garlic bread made for some nice breath, too. lol…

    You have way more courage than me to go into the hospital with face paint on. I’ll do the eye thing or something, but I am certain I will scare small children if I paint my face (mostly cause I can’t see without my glasses).

    It’s great to hear she’s in the Stroke Program. And I’m with ya on the Percocet. They gave me some in the hospital once and I felt like I was in a cave. Ugh. It worked great on the pain, though.

    How much longer til she can come home?

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