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Playing around with photos

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I was playing with some of my photos today… and started matching up sides of faces with other faces… sort of like those folding card games we had as kids.

It was a challenge to align a child with an adult but I think it worked pretty well.  These are just my first attempts… I’m thinking of doing something with this idea but haven’t quite figured it out yet!

I’ve had a record number of birthday party inquiries lately… (why is it always for the SAME date???????) and lots of the hospital staff have asked for my card. 

When I was writing up my postcards the first week mom was in there (when I was staying all day) a couple of the nurses asked for copies.  Hey, no problem!!

I left some of my cards on mom’s table yesterday and will drop off a few postcards to just lay around!  Helps that I pop in painted on the way to and from gigs too – arouses interest and questions.

Had the final touch installed today on the house renovations – custom blinds for the kitchen, master bedroom and my office.  They look nice!  And the ones in the master bedroom are black-out blinds … OMG is it DARK in there!!  Which is great as last night it was like daylight outside – the moonlight and streetlights reflecting off the snow … tonight I can sleep in the dark!


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