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Mom was a bit groggy today.  I think it is the Percocet.  She kept nodding off in the middle of things… She was more awake when I left after lunch so I think her morning dose was wearing off.

I gave her a haircut today… spread a sheet on the floor, cape over her in her wheelchair, and cut it really short!  She slept through most of it – I had to keep pushing her head forward so I could cut the back.  It actually looked pretty decent – super short so it is easy to deal with.

She ate a pretty good lunch too. 

I made some vegetable chili tonight that I am taking over tomorrow for dinner for her and her roomie.  And a loaf of garlic bread.  I’ll take enough to share with the room – there are six in total that eat in the rehab dining room – but not all show up for every meal.

The food is so awful really… the new guy in the rehab program arrived on the weekend and his family brings him food as he just won’t eat the hospital slop.

I’m also taking over a box of Fiber 1 cereal for mom to eat for breakfast… hopefully the nurses will remember to give it to her to eat as she can’t deal with it herself yet.  It is a pretty good cereal – you get 56% of your daily fibre requirement in a half cup!!

I had to shovel the )#$(%(#*)#(*&%*# driveway again today too… bloody snow.  I like winter… but the shovelling is a pain!  And the roads are total crap!  It is like driving on piles of icing sugar – you can’t take a corner, no matter how careful you are, without sliding across the road.

I just finished cleaning up  my kit and washing things.  I’d just piled everything in the foyer on Saturday night after the show.  It was blocking the front door and I decided today was the day to clean it and put everything away.

I also re-hydrated all the glitter gels that people sent me – I’ve got the make-up tests for the winter games on Sunday so will let everyone know how the glitter design works!  There is quite a selection of glitter colours there – some I’ve never seen that are gorgeous!

I keep forgetting what day it is… it feels like a Friday but it is only Tuesday… Mom’s not good with days either which isn’t good as they ask her what day is it all the time (to check her awareness or something)… how the hell is she supposed to know laying in a hospital for 24 days now????? We never knew day-to-day at home… and she’s supposed to know that when she can’t tell how many days have passed since she got there???

Today the nurse asked her what month it was… how is she supposed to know?  She answered January… Stupid questions.

We need to find her some sort of table or book holder so she can read her Stephen King or do puzzles.  She has a hard time with just the one hand… the left is completely useless, even as a deadweight, as there is no resistance so she can’t brace things against it.


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