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Had a scare

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Last night I got home from the theatre at around 10:30 p.m. (after working a full shift at the bakery and visiting mom for a couple of hours) and there was a message on my voice mail…

It was a nurse from Mom’s ward asking me to call…

Why would they want me to call on a Saturday night?????  The message was left at 7:46 p.m.

I called and the nurse who answered immediately told me that mom had a fall and had cut her head, she was in emergency and was possibly getting x-rays and stitches… I was stunned and asked what happened…

She fell off the toilet.  So, how did THAT happen?  A nurse put her on the toilet THEN LEFT HER THERE!  Supposedly to get something but in the course of the explanation the nurse mentioned it was “shift change”… which I interpret as being one nurse got her on the toilet, left and completely forgot about her!!!  She said mom was fine, talking and aware. 

It was late, the hospital was locked down by then so  I said I’d be there in  the morning.

When I got there this morning mom was sitting in  her wheelchair in her room, eating breakfast… with a stupid pink tape “X” on her hair!  It wasn’t even stuck to her skin.  Looked like a cartoon bandage!

She said she doesn’t really know what/how it happened.  We decided that she was put on the toilet… they forgot about her and she fell asleep and slid off  toilet.

She does NOT have stitches.  And apparently the tape is waterproof and will be impossible to get off her hair – we told the nurses to cut it off and I’ll cut off the rest on mom’s hair on Tuesday.

She finished as much breakfast as she wanted, then we went for a “walk” … I took her down to the lobby to look outside.  Sunday morning at a hospital is dead, if you’ll pardon the expression!

It was cold so we went back to her room.  I hiked her thermostat to 27C as she is really cold (and it isn’t warm in there even at that temperature.) 

Before I left we went into the dining room to watch the big TV for a bit.

She’s talking quite a bit now but whispering not full voice.  Understandable and clear really with occasional mumbles.  Much better than a week or so back! 

Then I headed off to work.  The roads were horrible – snow overnight and today.

Last night was closing night of Dr. Dolittle.   Now I have a break before the next show starts.

Tonight I got home after work, shovelled snow from my driveway and sidewalks, got a load of laundry going from the  show, a load in the dryer, cleaned the tub and sink in the bathroom (I went and bought some bathroom cleaner since mom isn’t in the house for her allergies to kick in I figured I’d cheat and get something that you spray and rinse rather than scrub!)

I really need a  couple days off to rest.  Days when I don’t go anywhere or HAVE to do anything…  jammie days…

I’m going to mention to mom tomorrow that I might take a day off from visiting just so I can chill out for a day.


One thought on “Had a scare

  1. With as hard as you have been working, I really hope you get some of that “jammie” time to yourself very soon. A nice hot bath, some good chocolate, and a good read. Awww, Shannon, here’s a smile and a hug. It will all come to pass. Peace to you 😉

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