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Mom update

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Yesterday was about the best day so far. 

Mom was watching TV in bed when I got there, had been up for both breakfast and lunch, had a physio session (told me she was a wash-out though as her legs were hurting), she talked to me a lot more than ever before, ate a fair amount of the greek salad I had made for her, and then ate more dinner than she usually does (which is still not much!) and was able to use the commode with the help of only ONE nurse.

Her nurse yesterday said she has done the commode with just her all day.  She also told me that they had turned down the IV fluids as mom was having to go four times a night so she was tired in the morning and not refreshed, and that mom was drinking a lot more water, etc. on her own too.

After dinner mom got back into bed and was settling in to watch “Chuck” when I left.

I had gone and bought a moisture proof cover for the mattress (to protect mom’s memory foam pad!) and took apart her bed and installed it… I’m getting pretty good at making beds… mom was impressed!

I go with her to the dining room when I am there for meal times and last night the nurse gave me a tray too (said she likes to feed her helpers!)… one of the regulars wasn’t there for dinner so I got her tray… OMG… no wonder mom doesn’t eat!!  It is completely tasteless – like cardboard and styrofoam…  the plate I got was rice, peas and cut-up breaded turkey breast… in a blind taste test you could not tell them apart!  I kid you not!  I dumped some of my greek salad over the plate to give it some flavour, and put some on mom’s rice too… she had ground chicken with gravy instead of the turkey.

The dessert (a one inch square) was called “Lemon Delight”… yeah, tasted like Lemon Sunlight Dish Detergent!

You would think if the purpose is to get people to eat to get strong and healthy that they would TRY to make the meals appetizing… wouldn’t you????? 

I’m going to take mom some yoghurt today – just a little bit – she likes to have some every day.

Now, back to what I’m up to…

I got my second batch of postcards ready last night – so this year my total mail out is 120.  That’s a record high for me.  Usually I target one type of business or group each mailing, but seeing as I am on a push decided to go for a wider market this time.

(The reason I’m “on a push” is that my hours at my day-job have been cut and I have to increase income to make up for it!  I started out working a 40 hour week, I’ve been cutback to 20-23 hours a week!  All staff have been cutback – even the 20 year veterans have lost a day a week…)

I’ve already had two inquiries from the batch mailed on Saturday – both from town offices for community events.

I’ve got two completely new events booked – one in March and one in June.  Both are good exposure events and will generate more inquiries.

I’ve had a record number of inquiries over the last couple weeks which is really encouraging.  Seeing as I have more open time than usual I am available for most time slots! 

This weekend Dr. Dolittle closes.  The next show’s first dress rehearsal is Feb 15 – Deathtrap.  Regular make-up so no face painting designs.


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