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Forgot to tell you about my morning!

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So… I went to bed early on Monday as I was exhausted and then proceeded to wake up EVERY hour on the hour for no apparent reason… my alarm finally went off at 7 a.m. so I turned it off and got up.

I decided to turn on the kettle before I got in the shower (I was making coffee to take to mom) so it would be hot when I got out (to save time you know.)  So, in the dark, I go to the kettle – it is empty (duh!  What idiot didn’t refill it the last time they used it… oh, that would be me!)  so I take it over to the water pump to fill it.   Then sit it back on its element/stand, hit the on button and hit the shower.

When I get out of the shower I can hear my alarm going off… guess I hit snooze instead of the off button so I throw a towel on the hardwood floor and scoot into the bedroom to turn off the alarm (don’t want to kill the batteries)… then back to the bathroom to finish drying…

When I come out of the bathroom I can hear the kettle boiling… WHAT??? It’s been about 20 minutes since I turned it on… I run into the kitchen and IT IS RAINING!!!!!!!!!!

About a litre of water has turned to steam and my entire kitchen had turned into the Congo!  The lid of the kettle hadn’t closed properly – and I didn’t notice cause I didn’t turn on any lights when I was filling it and turning it on!

I grab a bunch of towels and climb up on a stool to dry off the NEWLY painted ceiling and walls… at least my cupboards are now clean…

So, I take the kettle and go to the pump to refill it so I can make the coffee… the pump (which is one of those hand pumps for the 5 gallon water bottles) has a nozzle that comes off rather easily… and as I am holding the kettle under the nozzle, pumping vigorously the nozzle flies off and water sprays all over the floors, walls, hutch and me… and since I’ve pumped up the pressure it keeps on coming!!

So, I grab MORE towels and wipe up all that water…

I put the kettle back on the element… check that the top is actually closed this time and turn it back on.

I get the coffee ready – we use one of those drip cones.  I then pour the hot water into the cone… then go to pour a second time and…

wait for it….

I knock the cone flying and there are coffee grounds and hot water all over the kitchen…

At this point I seriously considered going back to bed.


One thought on “Forgot to tell you about my morning!

  1. lol, yes, get back in bed and start over again…what a way to start the day!

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