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Another week…

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Mom is getting out of bed and into the wheelchair everyday now – she was in the dining room waiting for breakfast both yesterday and today when I got to the hospital.  She is staying awake for long stretches now.  They are taking her to the dining room for meals regularly.

This morning she was pushing herself around with her foot so she’s sort of mobile – the IV stand limits how far she can go now.  They’ve got her back on IV fluids as she is dehydrated…

She still is not that interested in eating…  it is really frustrating sitting there trying to get her to eat… she never was a big eater, but she is eating even less now. 

The Speech Therapist came by yesterday while I was there and mom was able to do the things she asked so she said she’d be back in the afternoon for a therapy session – I asked mom today about it and she shrugged and sort of indicated it didn’t happen, but her roommate said it did… She is clear when she talks but won’t talk often…

Seeing as she is staying awake now I went and ordered television for her on my way out yesterday – they charge $160 a MONTH for BASIC cable!!!!  and the TV is the size of a toaster. I pay less for HDTV and a million channels at home!  This gives her something more like her regular routine – she’s a news junkie.  She watched CBC Newsworld and BBC World News all day. 

She really is sick of the commode but they will not let her use the toilet.  And the belt they strap on her to move her REALLY is causing her great pain and distress… I’ve told them, and she’s told them… but apparently they are not allowed to NOT use it!

I took in her memory foam mattress pad on Sunday… she says it makes a huge difference to her comfort on the bed.  One of the nurses recommended I get a moisture resistant cover for it so I’ll have to go look for one.

On Sunday mom asked me where her tooth cleaning stuff was… the bag with her container and toothbrushes HAD been on her bedside table… I looked around and eventually found it UNDER the cabinet… only ONE of the Polident tablets had been used?  In two weeks??? 

I asked her if she wanted me to clean her dentures and she nodded so she took them out… I gagged and almost threw up… You have never seen anything so disgusting in your life… it was like my ninth grade science project in moulds only worse… AND THIS WAS IN HER MOUTH!  The plates were covered in white and green stuff, caked on food and god knows what… I had held the container for her to put them in and then put it under a hot running tap to dislodge the growth… it took about six times of shaking the container and dumping to get rid of most of the crud.  Then I used a Polident to get them cleaned up… and scrubbed them really well.  I gave mom swabs soaked in mouthwash to clean out her mouth.

This morning I took in bleach which is her usual cleaning product – and we soaked the dentures in that and she really scrubbed her mouth and rinsed many times… there was still crud caked in her gums…

I told the supervising nurse about this… apparently, because mom always has her dentures IN the morning shift assumed the night shift had put them in and NO ONE EVER CHECKED!!!  She wears them 24/7 and only takes them out to clean once a day… NOW THEY KNOW.  But I will be doing them when I see her everyday to make sure.

I think this might be a contributing factor to her not wanting to eat or drink… can you imagine???!!!

The review for Dr. Dolittle came out – it was a good one since the reviewer was looking at it from a kid’s perspective.  Here is the really important part of the review:

While the sets are unremarkable, they do the trick. A triumph is the costumes and particularly the face paint. The faces are elaborately painted, a process that apparently takes makeup artist Shannon Fennell and her assistants nearly two hours before each show.

It doesn’t really take two hours, that is just the call time for the cast! 

The show wraps up this Saturday, then I have rehearsals for the Arctic Winter Games ceremonies, another play “Deathtrap” opens the week of Feb 15th (straight make-up for a change!) and have “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown” opening in March.

I’ve had a real increase in the number of inquiries about face painting – I think parking at the hospital everyday is giving my car wrap lots of exposure! 

I’ve also done my first postcard mailing of the year – got them in the mail on Saturday and have another batch to get out this week.


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