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and now for something completely different…

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“Dr. Dolittle” opened last week.  We’ve had the make-up done before curtain so we’ve all cleaned up and left… apparently on opening night the Pushmi-Pullyu fainted on stage – they had to stop the show!  Then on Saturday the Pushmi-Pullyu went on for her first scene without the “Pullyu” part of her costume… it was broken and no one had checked it.

I’m hoping that the photos they took of us doing make-up backstage at dress rehearsal are in the paper with the review.

The reviewer was there for the fainting of the P-P… but came back Saturday to see the WHOLE show… I stayed to watch on Saturday… um… well… I lost count of the missed cues, long pauses, etc. 

This is the “family show” – they do one per season where the kids make up the majority of the cast and the show is one written for children/families. When you are working with a cast of 90% kids and some VERY young kids that is an issue.  There was one who did nothing but stare at the audience… she wasn’t even trying to stay in character.

Here are some of the designs I did – these are the photos of the test make-ups for the crew to copy from:

I’m going to try to get step-by-step photos of some of them this week – we aren’t rushed so there is time.

Mom update:  She was dressed and sitting in a wheelchair when I got there today – still not talking to me.  My sister in Toronto send a digital photo frame loaded with photos of her kids (all five of them!) that arrived in today’s mail so I took that in and got it running for mom.

Fed her most of her lunch, then headed off to work.  She was having Physio after I left.

She appreciates the cards that people are sending – I’m decorating “her” wall with them!


One thought on “and now for something completely different…

  1. Love, love, love the designs from the show. I aspire to do as well as you in the theater work. You’re soooooo good at it.

    Shannon, our best wishes are there for you and your mom. I empathize and sympathize with you. I cared for my mother the entire time she was ill. She also stopped talking to me. It was strange and I realized it was those closest to her that she did this to AND the medication was the main reason. All of the meds, the stroke, the feelings of despair. Perhaps it is just some sort of humility they feel in having their children care for them. We care for them as they have cared for us. You do so without thought and without apprehension, out of pure love. She loves you more than life itself, to be sure.

    Best wishes for both of you. You are both in my thoughts.


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