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Mom was really down over the weekend… she’s basically stopped talking or trying to… resists eating… one of her nurses came in and talked to her about it saying depression is normal because this is a huge life change she wasn’t expecting, etc.

Today she seemed better – she’d had bath, had an ultrasound on her arteries and had physio.  She’s still fairly listless but better than the weekend.

Her youngest brother, my Uncle Mel, visited her today and brought her a singing dog which she really liked.  One of those stuffed animated ones.

I made bruschetta and took it in and she ate 4… FOUR mouthfulls of it.  I’m eating the rest for my dinner.  And she ate the peice of lemon pie that came with her dinner and part of her veggies and half of the glass of Ensure (meal replacement)…

She seems very weak now – not using her right arm and hand like she was… leaves it lying there limply now too… she CAN use it…

I can understand feeling blue, most definitely… but she won’t even talk to me or try to… I know it is frustrating trying to talk when people don’t understand you… but I was getting better at deciphering it.  Now she will barely nod or shake her head when I ask a question.

The nurse came in and updated me, said she was doing better today… so, not sure if I should cut my visits down to 1-2 hours and leave the nurses to the meal times as they are getting better results.

It sucks being so far from most of the family as people can’t just pop in on their way home from work… most have to fly in or drive for 6-20 hours to get here… and I don’t want people moving in on me and staying for weeks… [sigh] and mom said she didn’t need someone there all the time.

She is still sleeping a lot… which is part of the healing process.


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  1. I’ve been thinking about you and your mom and hope you’re both doing better by the day. I was sorry to hear about this, but I know if your mom has even half your attitude and strength she’ll be able to pull through this ok.

    Sending “get well quick” thoughts from NJ!


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