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Big improvement today

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Mom was way more alert and awake today.  Might have been the Percocet… they gave it to her at breakfast instead of Toradol or Tylenol for her hip and other pain. She says it takes away the pain unlike the morphine which just made her groggy and high.  And she was way more comfortable – not rubbing her sore hip or shifting her weight around constantly.  Said she really likes it… gave it a big thumbs up literally.

I took in a thermos of coffee from home and she had some.  I’m going to take some in every morning for her… it will be at least part of her usual routine.  For some reason the hospital won’t let her enjoy the other part of her morning routine… can you guess?  What goes great with morning coffee?  Hmm… no, not donuts…

My sister told me to destroy and throw out mom’s cigarettes… I told mom that and she said I’d better not… Smoking was mom’s ONLY risk factor for stroke.   I compromised for now – I put all her cigarettes away, washed the ashtrays and put them away too.  We’ll deal with that later.

They had removed the IV last night and took out the catheter today.  She is now using a comode (is that TMI???)  The nurses got her into it and propped her up, and then after we got her in a wheelchair – she sat there and ate her lunch herself! 

I was there for her Physio session – they ran through range of motion and had her sitting and standing.  The PT is really sweet and I like him – he gives off a good vibe.  It will get tougher and rougher once she gets more strength but she/I know that.  He invited me to observe and I did want to see how she was doing but I think I will leave them to therapy without my presence for the most part.

The difference in her today was huge … compared to yesterday when she was still drifting off every 20 minutes or so.  Today she stayed awake pretty much the whole time I was there.

She still can’t speak well… she tries.  When I show up she tells me all about what has been going on, but she rattles it all off and I can’t catch the words… I can get the short phrases but the sentences mostly escape me.  Except for the first night she was in her room – she clearly stated “there’s a bug on the wall”  It was a push pin up high on the wall in the shadows – it did look like a bug!

She was also cracking jokes.  She’s got a sore spot on the back of her head from falling on the floor … today she said it was from when I dropped her on her head!!! 

We also have a running joke in the family… That she lives with me until she needs her bum wiped, then Shari (my sister) gets her… so I told her today that she’s sneaky… that she just had to use the toilet and wipe herself at home before falling to the floor thus proving she can still do it herself before the paramedics arrived!  She laughed.

I let some of the people who know her know about the stroke today – I’ve not had much chance to get the word out – I’ve either been at the hospital, the theatre or the store… only stopping in at the house to grab things, sleep and eat, not necessarily in that order.

I asked her if she wanted visitors and she said that it was okay for short visits. 

Just to let anyone who is thinking of sending something – mom is very allergic to flowers/plants and anything scented in anyway.  Someone sent roses the other day but she cannot have them in the room at all.  So the nurses have them as I can’t take them home as I am also allergic.

This blogging thing is very theraputic for me… so, I’m going to be posting up here… and using it to let friends and family know how things are going. 

Once I get into a routine – I can’t continue with the schedule I’ve been on this week (mom agrees on that) – I’ll get back to posting about face painting and make-up.  Dr Dolittle opened tonight (have lots of photos of the designs) and I’ve got gigs coming up and designs for the Winter Games.

I talked to mom and this was the last night that I will go back after work/theatre to say goodnight and check on her… she’s so much more herself and on a day/night sleep pattern AND the staff are very attentive that I am not as worried.  She’s stable, off the tubes and alert and able to use the call button.

I’m also going to stop going in for her breakfast… She doesn’t like that the nurses insist on feeding her but they are watching for choking.  I’m going to plan to be there for her lunch – so she can do it all herself and then head off to work/theatre from there in the afternoon. 

I have things to do, a house to finish organizing – we still have all the pictures to hang, clothes to bring back upstairs, blinds to order (I had called the company that made the other blinds to see if they had the fabric available to match the ones they made us before, they called on Monday to say they did… so I need to set an appointment to get the windows measured – I asked mom if she wanted me to go ahead and she said yes.)  I have a ton of stuff to sort through and take to Goodwill and/or FreeCycle.  A garage to clean – the sawdust from the contractors is everywhere.  I have to get the basement sorted out and ready for company in March.  And test make-up appointments to schedule, rehearsals for the winter games, etc.  Three theatrical productions over the next three months as well.  And the regular gigs too… oh, and the day job.

And… I am doing housework (horrors)… I’ve done laundry, turned on the dishwasher, swept, cleaned the bathroom… haven’t made my bed though.  Baby steps… baby steps…


One thought on “Big improvement today

  1. …..and the company is……………ME lol oh and Gummy of course lol.

    Seriously tho, Mom sounds so much better Shannon, am really pleased. We’re looking forward to spending time with her in March and will keep her entertained lol. You know how my accent baffles her lol. Bet you are hating the housework…………..we’ll help you get on top of it all when we come over…’ll give Gummy something to do lol lol. We’re collecting a list of ‘clean’ jokes on the Chat forum for Mom to give her a giggle………some of them are really sad lol 🙂 did think of flowers then remembered you can’t have them…… you’ll have some facepaints instead and we’ve got Mom a new hat lol. Love to you both. Anne and Gummy x

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