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Will be unavailable for a bit

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I am going to be off line for a bit – Mom had a stroke at 4 a.m. this morning.  It is bad, but could be worse.  They were able to give her clot busters and things are better than they were…

I’ll be back when I’m back……

Just to update people, Shannon has asked me (I’m Anne, the UK sidekick) to pass on her thanks to everybody for the lovely thoughts and best wishes sent for June (Mom).  Shannon is still very busy between work and the hospital.  June is slowly getting a little better and is as sharp minded as ever which is good.  Shannon will still be out of the loop for a while and we’ll post more once we have further news.  Thanks for reading,  Anne Freeman, UK. xx


One thought on “Will be unavailable for a bit

  1. please let her know she is in our thoughts.. ‘get well quick’!!!!!

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