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Happy New Year!

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Well, we are back upstairs and still working on getting things back in place. 

The painters pulled out on Tuesday… OMG – the house is gorgeous!!  Looks modern yet still retains the dignity of the age of the house!  The crown moulding just finish it off beautifully!

We changed the colours and it is soooo nice!  However…. that meant new bedding, new blinds in some rooms, new TV stand, new bath mats and shower curtains… I have to repaint numerous items (towel rack, some wooden stuff) white to match the trim.

I’ve been working really hard – mom can’t carry stuff upstairs so I have to do it all… plus we have to clean everything we bring back up here or back in from the garage as it is all covered in construction dust (it got into the air ducts and blew all through the house.)

And I have to clear the driveway practically everyday too… and cook, and go to work, and work on my gigs/designs for upcoming  jobs…

I got my office pretty much together yesterday – at least got all the equipment up and set-up, connected, checked and running.  And got the closet emptied, and some office supplies.  Still have books and files to bring up.

We found a TV stand at Buy More… er, Buy Right?  Er… Oh right, Best Buy!  And they are delivering, assembling and setting it up on Tuesday.  Then I can start planning where to hang our pictures and paintings.  I need to give the walls a couple weeks for the paint to cure properly before attaching 3M hooks all over the place.

The TV is sitting on my bedroom dresser which is in the living room at the moment.   The rug from the living room is in the guest room – we needed a rug under that bed for now to protect the floor.

My plan for tomorrow is to work on my designs for Dr. Dolittle, between bring up more stuff from the basement… and possibly, clearing the driveway again as the forecast is for 4 cm overnight. 

I’ll get some photos of the designs from the show next week and post them… I’ve never done a Pushmi-Pullyu before!!


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