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Happy Holidays

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Hope everyone is having a great holiday season with family and friends.

It has been crazy here… the painters in, sorting out the finished parts of the house, trying to get organized for Christmas Day (having to cook dinner and then transport it to our friends,) working on designs for a play opening in two weeks, getting designs finished for a winter sporting event in a couple months, day-job shifts over the holiday weeks, out all day yesterday picking up things for the house (looking for a new wall unit for the living room, new bedding to match the new paint, rugs, picture hangers, new switch plates, cleaning stuff…)

I really am physically exhausted… hopefully this week we will have the house back to our usually living conditions.

It really looks amazing!  Once the painters are out of here in a day or so (oh yeah, the having it done by Christmas promise did not happen!!) I’ll take a couple of photos to post.

I’m now into a face painting dead zone – it is usual here for there to be no gigs until late February.  Luckily I have the theatre and other types of jobs to keep busy and earn a living!

We’ll be spending New Year’s Day at our friends place which will be nice – to get a break from putting the house back together!

Oh… and ya know what?  I had to get new slats cut at a lumber store for my bed – it looks like the contractors “cleaned up” and took away the existing slats with the scrap wood from the floors and door installation!


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