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Sometimes I wonder about us.  We have been trapped in the basement for over two weeks … the contractors pulled out of here on Thursday afternoon!  Yay!! Floors in, doors in, crown mouldings in, front door re-hung…

And we have discovered that a contractor’s idea of “cleaning up” after a job is not quite the same as our expectations…

And… the floor already has some pretty good scratches… [sigh]… oh well…

Anyway… back to why I am concerned for our sanity.

After they left and we swept up most of the dust… and moved the TV back upstairs so we could watch it sitting on our recliners… I contemplated the painting job at hand.  I was… really I WAS… thinking about doing it myself… I was happily filling holes and ready to touch up walls.  Then, reality sank in…

Five primed but unpainted doors, another door requiring a new paint job, an entire main floor of baseboards requiring caulking, hole filling and painting, ditto all the door trim, window trim, crown mouldings, wall repairs, repainting the two plain bedrooms… and some drywall work in the bath…

We called a painter for a quote (actually, I called two…)  The first one came yesterday afternoon (the other was going to come on Monday) … we had intended to get the doors/trim/moulding and the two bedrooms upstairs done.  But, he was so absolutely horrified by the quality of the workmanship (the old paint jobs done by a previous owner who my mom firmly believes was under the influence of some type of banned substance when the work was being done) that we said – Give us a quote for the ENTIRE main floor and we’ll work backwards from that point.

While he was in the kitchen writing up the quote, mom and I had a quick conference about the condition of our savings account…  our soon to be non-existant savings account at this rate!

So he came back in and asked us to guess… I guessed $4500… I was close, it was $5500, but he knocked it down to $5000 as a “seniors discount” for mom… that will include – drywall/crack repairs, caulking, ALL rooms (three bedrooms, bath, kitchen, dining, living room, hall, foyer,) ALL closets, ALL doors, ALL windows, ceilings…everything except the two walls in the living room covered in glued down crumpled brown paper painted dark brown (too much of a pain to “fix”.)

He said you can call me tomorrow if you want to think about it.  Mom said, Can you have it finished by Christmas?  He said, Yes.  Mom said, Okay it’s a deal.

Mom is a little spur of the moment sometimes.

He said they would be here 9 a.m. Monday to start.  So I called the other company back to cancel them coming over to quote.

Anyway, he came over today with a couple of loads of stuff (paint, caulking, equipment) and said that he wants to start tomorrow at 1 p.m. (Sunday) and, that were we sure we didn’t want those brown walls done too?  He hates them… said he would paint them for free as he can’t stand them!  LOL  And he would do it in an extra/different colour (the quote covers three colour choices – white for the trim and ceiling, “chiante” which is the burgundy colour of our kitchen and foyer that we really like, and the third which will be all the walls – we are still trying to pick that!)

I spent this evening removing all the switch and outlet covers, smoke detectors, nails, curtain brackets, etc. from all the walls.  Some were really hard – they’d been painted over numerous times in the past – one screw may have been in the master bedroom wall since Pearson was P.M. and there were at least three, maybe four, colours of paint on it.

And mom and I spent a few hours sticking felt pads to all our furniture… god, that’s tiring!!  We were tipping over bookcases, dressers, my desk, all the chairs… you need the felt pads to protect the hardwood from getting damaged… and it really makes it easy to push heavy furniture around!

The only thing we were able to do was the hutch in the dining room, it is just too heavy for us.

So… we are still in the basement.  We had moved all our food back upstairs already before making this decision, but the painting isn’t as invasive as the construction… and they are starting at 9, not 7 a.m. like the contractors so we have time to get up and have breakfast before they arrive!

Christmas is not going to be happening here… we’ll be washing things!  I’ll still be cooking but we’ll take it over to our friend’s place to eat (I haven’t told them yet!  I was waiting for a “good” time to tell them!!)


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