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Passing time in the dungeon

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Well, we are into week two of the flooring installation.  Looks like the floors will be done tomorrow, then on Monday they will start on the door installation upstairs (five of them) and all the moulding and trim.

They are expecting to be done by the end of next week… please, please… Please!!

Mom and I are so bored and tired of the basement!!  We’ve eaten out more this past week that in the rest of the year so far!  … we actually went through the phone book this afternoon trying to find a different restaurant for dinner.  Today they are installing the kitchen and have all the appliances moved into the dining room.

I’ve been painting myself – it passes the time!  And I need to get paintings done for several projects anyway.

This morning I came up with this one – an Arctic scene with an Inukshuk, Polar Bear and Aurora Borealis…

It has also given me a chance to try out DFX in a big way.  The centre of this design is Kryolan Interferenz Bach Blue and the rest is DFX Light Blue.  The white is Wolfe, the green DFX and the rest is all Kryolan.

I have to be honest.  I don’t like the feel of the DFX on my skin.  It also takes work to get off.  I’ve done three designs using the Light Blue over the past week and it lingers… have to really scrub well to remove it.

To clean it off I usually remove most of the paint using baby wipes, then wash with a washcloth and glycerine based soap.  The wipes removed all the Kryolan completely, and a good scrubbing with the washcloth and my Pears soap got the DFX off.

I do not like how it feels on my skin at all.  It pulls and gets tight and as it dries it really sucks the moisture out of my skin. I wore it for a few hours and I started to notice cracking and peeling as well. 

I’ll keep using it for photography but probably won’t be adding much of it to my working kit.  A few colours maybe, but not for bases.  I’ll stick with Kryolan and Snaz for those.  I found it really tough to blend with and I do a lot of blending in my bases, so would rather avoid the frustration!

FacePaintForum’s December newsletter is out today – my step-by-step Poinsettia Princess is featured.

You can view this month’s step-by-step newsletter here.  Be sure to subscribe if you would like to get it by email.  It has a few step-by-steps and an article about some aspect of the face painting business in each issue.

Oh… and something that has ticked me off!! 

I use a certain name brand of baby wipes “Sensitive” type (starts with a “P” and ends in an “S”) – and the last case I bought (yes, I buy them by the case!) had completely sealed packets!!  The ones previous had refill packages that had a peel-back re-sealable “lid” so you could use them directly from the refill pack, then close it again without having to put them in the plastic tub.  Now the individual packages are all completely sealed – you have to cut open the package to get the wipes! ARGH!

I liked the old package – I could stash unopened packages all over and didn’t have to have the bulky plastic tub to dispense them!  And, the re-sealable package was much better for retaining moisture too.

I’m considering keeping my last three of the “old” packages, slice them open, slide in the contents of one of the crappy packages and seal up with duct tape!  I even have turquoise duct tape that will match the packaging!!  Will just be a bit of a pain to refill.

Or… I use a ziploc freezer bag… I’m still thinking about it.


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