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floor update

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The contractor delivered the bamboo hardwood flooring yesterday afternoon!  We cleared out the back upstairs spare bedroom for it… 27 crates of planks are stacked there now warming up to room temperature!

We pulled out a couple to check out and amazingly it matches our kitchen cupboards EXACTLY!  Better than the laminate in there now.  From the samples we saw at the store and the photos in the flyers we thought it was very light “blonde” wood, but, it is more like a light warm oak colour.

I am really excited to see how it is going to look having the whole main floor covered in it.

We finished moving things down to the basement and some out to the garage.  Then rolled up our area rugs and took them downstairs.  I took apart all my computer stuff and piled it up on a desk in the downstairs bedroom.

We either will be without TV for the duration OR I have to buy a very LONG coaxial cable to run it down to the basement!

The contractor is arriving tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. to start replacing our interior doors upstairs – all the doors and jams have to be taken out and replaced with new.  This house is almost 50 years old and one of the jams is actually rotted – the door fell off a couple years ago!  When we moved in we had intended to replace all the doors but once we were in and measured them realized every single door was a DIFFERENT SIZE!!  Talk about “custom”… argh!

So, since we had the contractor “captive” so to speak, we got a quote and he’s going to do all the jams and doors before laying the new floor.  All standard sizes!  He’s going to have to cut out the jams and we hope… really, really hope, that it will be straightforward.

My studio is now our living space for the duration of this reno… so no painting in-house until we get moved back upstairs!


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