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Where does the time go?

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Can you believe that December is next week?  Another whole year is almost over.

I’m procrastinating a bit on some projects I am working on … It seemed like I had lots of time and now we are about a month from one show opening, two months from another show, 100 days till the Arctic Winter Games, and then another show opens after that… I have to design for all four events and get things ordered. 

Also, committed to submitting step-by-step designs to two publications – deadlines of Nov 30 for one and Jan 1 for the other…

I also have to get my Christmas candy making done so we can mail/ship and get the presents ready.

We’ve also had to pack-up everything on the main floor of our house and move it down to the basement as we are having bamboo hardwood flooring installed on the entire main floor.  The contractor will shift around the furniture but we had to move everything else and empty the drawers, shelves, etc.

So my office files are down in the laundry room, my kits and supplies are in the downstairs dining room… I keep going to do something and realize what I need is packed somewhere!!

We are still waiting for the flooring to arrive – it has been 3 1/2 weeks so far – they said 3-6 weeks.  We were really hoping to have it all done BEFORE Christmas…

Good thing I work well under pressure!  🙂


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