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a day in the life of a face painter…


I find that the seasonal bookings are either massive rushes or quite slow with plenty of time to play and relax.   Our booking this weekend was one of the relaxed ones.

The party books three painters and I take along Naomi and Amy who I hire to work with me.  Both are very capable and really good with the kids! 

The day started a little off though!!  

Mom and I were sitting there watching tv and I commented that I had intended to phone the girls the day before to remind them of the gig but, since I had talked to both of them in the last two weeks and sent them both emails – and they were both so dependable…

They were both supposed to meet at my place at 11:15 a.m. and I would drive us over to the venue.

Mom laughed and said I’d better be careful or I’d jinx things… so I knocked on wood.

At about 11:10 the phone rings… it is Amy checking what time the gig starts.  I say, well, you are supposed to be here in 5 minutes… She screeches “WHAT!?   I thought it started at one!”  So… good thing she called!!! 

Naomi was still not here, which was very unusual as she is ALWAYS early… so I phoned her cell to check on her and it went to voice mail.  I left a message saying I was driving over to pick-up Amy and would be back to my place shortly.

I went and got Amy (who skipped the shower and put her hair up in a  pony-tail!) and then we went back to my place.  Mom was ready to go but still no sign of Naomi.  So I called her home number and spoke to her mom… she said she wasn’t there so I asked if she was on her way over.  She said no, Naomi was at the hairdresser’s as she had a party later.


My heart was pounding a bit by now… and I said “she’s supposed to be here as we are face painting at noon at a party.  We confirmed everything when she was here on Halloween!”  Her mom said she would get in contact with her.

We had to leave to get to the venue so I asked Naomi’s mom to tell her to get there as soon as possible.

We got there a bit later than planned but still in time… Mom, Amy and I got the tables arranged and set-up and Amy and I started painting.  It was a relaxed gig so no line, just a couple kids coming up at a time…  so it wasn’t horribly stressful without Naomi BUT…

Naomi came flying in about 35 minutes after the gig officially started… said her mom had got ahold of her but she had foils in her hair so had to wait for them to be removed.  She also thought it was a 1 p.m. start.

She plunked herself down and started painting the next kid.

We painted an additional 10 minutes each to make-up the missing painter’s 30 minutes… and it was relaxed the whole time.  Painted quite a few moms too.  And there was time for me to paint both Amy and Naomi – and then forgot to take pictures of them, although I did remember to take a couple of the set-up!

My mom is coming on all gigs now as the official brush washer… Amy and Naomi got a kick out of that.

We all reconfirmed the next gig they are both booked for… several times!!  And I will be calling them a couple days prior to make sure we all have the time right! 😉

Naomi had to leave for her party, so I took Amy and Mom to dinner at Original Joe’s and then dropped Amy off on our way home.

As expected we didn’t get  “Christmas” requests… got some winter theme requests of course, snowflakes and winter scenes… camouflage, skulls, spider-kids, Tinkerbell, princesses, a fox, a red panda… But no Santas or Rudolfs.

Some of the little guys chatted away telling us about their Halloween costumes and scary things they had seen when out trick-or-treating.

The next Christmas parties should be a little more seasonal… the snow is here and once Santa is in the mall everyone should be more “in the mood!”

2 thoughts on “a day in the life of a face painter…

  1. Thanks and welcome!

  2. Hello Shannon, 🙂

    I just wanted to let you know that I discovered your blog via the Facepainting forum and that I love it! You are so generous with your tips & tricks! I love how your work is detailed, it’s very inspiring!

    I shall come back! ^-^

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