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seasonal winter faces

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This weekend my Christmas Party bookings start for the season.

First party is one of my multi-year repeat corporate parties… three face painters booked.  They also have lots of other entertainment and are booked at the largest facility in the area.  There are a lot of kids to paint in three hours so over the years we’ve gone from just me, to two painters, to three – which works well for the numbers.

I put up my usual display, but add-on the Christmas Designs – there are 16 specific winter/seasonal designs added in.  Kids actually do pick quite a few of the seasonal designs – but I have to say it is usually in December!!

Being so early this year, I’m thinking these designs won’t be as popular – Santa isn’t even at the mall yet!

Here are some of my winter designs:




My Christmas Design sheet has 16 different seasonal designs on it and if you would like to order it contact me via my Contact Page (I give permission to use it for display purposes too.)


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