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my halloween

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I am exhausted and my right shoulder-blade feels ready to explode! 

The last of my Halloween clients left shortly after 10 p.m. off to a local club… and as I sit here the clocks all say 10:15… tonight we switch back to standard time and mom had changed them all upstairs while I was downstairs in the studio.

Started off with my 8 a.m. being a no-show… so I had time to shovel the driveway and sidewalks.  It snowed about a foot in the last 24 hours…

Then I headed off to my two-hour booking at the Co-Op to paint the staff.  Did a zombie named Rob (took me a week to get that joke…), the grocery manager as an evil skull, lots of pretty stuff, and one of the service clerks who is Chinese had me paint her as an evil assassin named Mimi – complete with dragon tattoo – she was really cute… in a nasty way!   

Then packed up really fast to get down to the park to apply some prosthetics and apply some make-up to the actors in the Haunted House that is put on every year.  (Apparently one of the reporters I know from the paper was there taking photos and commented on “Shannon’s make-up” although it wasn’t really known that I was doing it… maybe there will be photos in the paper next week!?)

Then headed home to scarf down last night’s leftovers… and got a call from my 8 a.m. no-show who apologized and still wanted to come over so I squeezed her in… and the mask with peacock feathers turned out really nice I thought.  She was happy (and felt guilty) and gave me a 150% tip!


Painted a few more people… then had another no-show – family of three children that booked back in August.  No call, nothing.  So had a break before the big rush started…

I had a call last night from a guy that I painted last Halloween but I wasn’t able to give him an appointment later in the day, but told him to call and if I was able to I might be able to squeeze him in between appointments if I was finishing up faster than expected.

He called as I was working on a group of four women – turns out they all knew each other, so, I told him to come on over since I was getting through the girls fairly quickly and they were all friends.

The four women all had printed off photos of make-up they saw on the internet – mostly from YouTube how to videos.  Some had a couple photos that they wanted pieces of… they all turned out really nicely…  sort of zombies but not bloody really…


Their phones kept ringing and it was the guy that  was coming over… and inviting other friends over to get painted… he came, his brother came, and a bearded guy in a giant bee costume…

I kept painting…  Told them as long as we’re done by 8 p.m. you can invite over anyone, I just had another group of women arriving then.

Lots of tips… I like tips. 🙂

Turns out the women got my number from him in the first place, they phoned me and booked their appointments but HE didn’t… apparently that is “a guy thing”… so they told me.  As he was leaving he said to book his appointment for next Halloween now…

My last group was my friend/model/assistant Naomi and three of her friends who were going out as “Mardi Gras Girls”… they all had made dresses, had masks and wigs and I was painting them down the face, necks and arms to match their colours.  One was gold, one was silver, one was red and one was blue.


Did swirly things in their colours, with black accents, lots of liquid bling in their appropriate colour, matching lips… applied their false lashes, some gems, helped with the wigs and masks… they all looked pretty hot!

I always paint myself for jobs… and I was just looking at photos of myself and realized – I’m in a rut!!


Now I am multi-tasking – blogging and watching horror movies.  And thinking, I am really hungry but too tired to get up and make something to eat… and why bother when we have 75 full size chocolate bars leftover from trick or treating???  And Glossettes are raisins and therefore healthy… right??

Author: Shannon Fennell

Multidisciplinary artist, world traveller, make-up artist, and cheese lover. I follow a low carb lifestyle to keep my diabetes in remission. Canadian expat in the UK.

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