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How I spent my Saturday

I had a really great day yesterday.  I painted for four hours at an arts and craft fair in a neighbouring town.  Not hugely busy but nice as I got to be a little more creative with the designs…

Painted a couple of the models from my book.  Didn’t recognize the boys – it has been over two years since I saw them!!  The older one is the lion on the cover and the younger  brother was the monkey and the pirate.

Bought myself some peacock feathers from one of the vendors – $3 per feather.  Last time I saw someone around here selling them they were asking $5 each.

Then last night I painted at a birthday party.  So what’s so exciting about that you ask?  Well, I was booked by a gal I know from the theatre to face paint at a surprize party she was throwing for her friend  (I think they said he was 30?)

The party had a theme of Rock N’Roll and everyone was going to dress up I was told… so, I printed off some photos of Kiss, Motley Crue, Twisted Sister, Adam Ant and David Bowie (you need to get these things right you know!)

It was the most fun I’ve had painting at a birthday party!!  EVERYONE got a full face painting!  I did the birthday boy with Gene Simmons Kiss face, the hostess got a skull – but, not just the usual, it was a copy of the skull on her shirt – very cool skull with a glitter flame pattern on the brow done in silver liquid bling, a zombie with cut throat, a Joker (Heath Ledger version), a full face tribal on a gold base, a full face spider mask in greens, a rocker chic in UV pink/golds and red liquid bling, a variation on the starchild kiss make-up, a white abstract face and neck design with lots of glitter, and Optimus Prime!

The funniest thing was Becky’s dog “Smalls” (I have no idea why that is his name) who is a sweetie, decided that my bucket of water for my used sponges was HIS.  He squeezed between my legs to get to the bucket when I sat it on the floor to drop my used sponges into while I worked (I was setup in a tight corner behind the couch, in front of the piano and using about 8 inches along the edge of a table that also held a computer!) I pushed him away, and then forgot about him.

I painted my first few faces, then, looked down… bucket was there but… no sponges?  I  went blank for a second and though “did I use any sponges yet?”  But, the water was coloured.. so I must have dropped some in there?

So I looked over the other direction… there were the sponges!!  And a trail of murky water leading to them!  Smalls had removed all the sponges from “his” bucket!!  lol  Needless to say… I let him keep them!

And… as usual (duh!) I forgot my camera.  I’ve asked the hostess to send me some cause they really were nice paintings!

After I finished packing up my kit I was invited to stay and play games… we split into teams and they had to come up with names for the teams.  Optimus’ team was “the Autobots” and the other team that I actually ended up on was … sigh… the “Megan Foxes”… I suggested “the Decepticons”…

When I left the Megan Foxes were leading by 11 points!

And at work I was told that the store wants to hire me again this Halloween to paint staff… I just have to let the  marketing manager know what times I can attend.  So that is Halloween Day completely booked solid now from 8 a.m. till 10 p.m.

So far the most popular request for Halloween is Zombies…