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going batty

In keeping with the Halloween theme today’s topic is bats… lovely things bats.  They are mammals… often actually quite cute and fuzzy… except for the blood sucking vampire variety!  🙂

Bats can eat almost 600 bugs in one hour!!  I like that!  Anything that will eat mosquitos is elevated to “hero” in my book!

Bats in various forms are also very popular face painting designs at all times of the year.  Bat Masks, Bat Signals, Bats in the form of Vampires… they all come up all the time as requests.

Bats was the theme of one of my designs for the US Body Painting Festival in 2007 (I placed Second in Sponge and Brush) – there are more photos on my website of this painting.


The usual bat face paintings are more like these:


You’re sure to get asked to paint a Bat at this time of year!