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Halloween Ideas

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For Halloween every year I take appointments to do face painting or make-up.   This way I can stay in my location and have the clients come to me… I have all my supplies and equipment available for special requests, and don’t have to lug kit around.

I have a price schedule based on age – Adult, Teen (13-17 years), and Child (3-12 years) – and blood, special effects, body painting and hair are extra charge based on what is required.

For kids I typically facepaint them to match their costumes which they come to the appointment wearing.  Adults and teens sometimes show up in regular clothing as their costumes are bulky or their appointment is earlier in the day than their event.  If they aren’t in costume I follow their requests for the design. 

Many times people bring friends with them to their appointments and most of the time the friends end up being painted too!

I have a studio set-up in my basement and everything is set-up for painting with a seating area for the mom’s or dad’s to wait in.

I never know exactly what I will be doing – people will tell me what they plan to be over the phone when they book the appointment but have changed their minds by the time they arrive.  It is fun and a good night for earnings.

I haven’t been out on Halloween for years though… but, I have fun creating all sorts of monsters and creatures in the basement!

Halloween Ideas - Past and Present

Halloween Ideas - Past and Present


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