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My new book The Business of Face Painting is LIVE!  It is available as an e-book to download or you can order it on CD if you prefer.

Book Cover

Book Cover

You can order by contacting me using my Contact Form.

I’ve been working on it most of this year and it is 132 pages about the business side of face painting.  There are lots of photos but it is not a how to face paint manual.  There are a couple of step-by-steps included at the end as a taste of what is coming in my next book.

Based on my experience in the business the book covers a lot of material from set-up to marketing to health and safety issues to resources available.  Here is the table of contents so you know what is covered in the book:

Chapter One:             Starting Out

Basic Business Operations

Tools of the Trade

Learn How to Paint

Getting Work


Document Templates

Full Face Template – Full Face

Full Face Template – two per page with notes

Chapter Two:            Money Matters

Your Investment

Setting Your Rates

Hourly versus Pay-Per-Face

Other Options for Payment

Rate Sheet/Pricing Guide

Travel Expenses

Dealings with Requests for Donations

Method of Payment


Getting an Accountant and Business Advice


Document Templates

Sample Rate Sheet

Sample Letter of Agreement

Sample Service Agreement

Chapter Three:         The Business Plan

Document Templates

Business Plan

Chapter Four:           Marketing Your Face Painting Services

What is Marketing?

Your Marketing Plan

Creating a Brand or Corporate Image

Business Cards

What is Your Target Market?

Soliciting Work

Direct Mail Marketing on a Small Scale

Using Postcards for Marketing

Generating Publicity

The Internet


Printed Material


Promotional Items

Keeping Your Name Out There

Document Templates

Your Marketing Plan Worksheet

Introductory Letter for Face Painting

A Sample Restaurant Letter

New Year Letter

Festival Email Solicitation

Press Release

Sample Email to Media

Sample Coupon

Sample Back of Flyer Coupon

Sample Prize or Gift Certificate

Chapter Five:            Daily Business Operations


Booking Records



Deposits and Cancellation Policies


Billing and Invoicing


Arrival and Departure Etiquette

Client Follow-Up


Office Space

Your Reputation


Professional Courtesy and Networking



Getting Going

Document Templates

Inquiry/Booking Form

Invoice Form

Job Quote Letter

Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire

Chapter Six:              Health and Safety


Incident Reports

Risk Assessments

Photographic and Model Releases and Permission


Personal Safety

Taking Breaks

Physical Set-Up

Dealing with Illness

Maintaining Your Equipment

Document Templates

Incident Report Form

Risk Assessment Form

Model/Photography Release Form

Chapter Seven:          Kit and Equipment

Basic Starter Kit

Chapter Eight:          Resources for Face Painters

Business Information


Associations and Organizations

Conventions, Conferences, Festivals and Training Opportunities

Online Directories and Listing Services

Networking Online

Face Paint Brands

Tools and Equipment

Signs and Printing

Shop Around


Step-By-Step Designs



I’m sharing everything I know and have learned about this business in this book so hope that people will benefit from it.

The next project is all about the Art of Face Painting… with hundreds of photos, as many step-by-steps as we can get done, practise templates, creativity and designs exercises, tips about products and tools, techniques for all sorts of effects… as you can imagine it is a massive project and we are working hard on it.

A Painted Family

A Painted Family



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