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Getting ready for my trip to CA

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This time next week I should be jammin’ at Living Canvas!  Hard to believe time has gone by so quickly.

This morning I was sorting out the kit I need to take with me… I travel VERY light, but I need to have enough with me to do my demos. I am presenting three different classes: one is all dragons/dinosaurs, one is going to be all pink/purple butterflies, and the third is on the design process.

So I spent several hours this morning making a palette of split cakes to use in my demos.  And marking all the brushes I’m taking with green glitter nail polish.  And selecting a nice bunch of sponges to take.

I dug my back-pack out of the basement and checked my travel alarm – battery was dead so I replaced it and set it for Pacific Time.

Still not sure what clothes I’m taking – I travel VERY light.  The slacks I usually travel in are a little too loose now (since working on my feet 8 hours a day I’ve lost a little butt!) to wear – I usually thread my “wallet-on-a-string” through my belt loops at attach my camera case to it too.  But now the combined weight pulls my slacks right off!!  So, I’m trying to figure out what to wear! 🙂

I was checking the weather for San Francisco and it is way cooler than here!  We were 30C yesterday and SF was 17C…

I fly down on Friday and get to see a little of the area, go to a show and hope to partake of Chinese food and chocolate!!  And hit the Kryolan store!!

I made a list of colours/brands I need…well, okay not NEED… but would like to buy to re-stock.  And I want to pick up a couple of books and … well, maybe a few other things.

I’m looking forward to meeting up with old friends and making some new ones too!  And hope to learn lots of new stuff – Rebecca has promised to show me how to do roses with split cakes (mine look like they have been flattened by a steam roller…)

I always take a note book with me on my trips and keep a journal of the trip – just my observations or notes about things I’ve learned or seen.  And of course 3 gigs of camera storage!! 

I’ll try to post once more before I leave – I probably won’t be able to post while away.  I leave on the 18th and home on the 24th… I’ll have a big post when I get home all about Living Canvas with lots of photos.

Bright Butterfly

Bright Butterfly


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