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I have had a few of calls over the last few days wanting to book me for parties on the 13th… unfortunately I’m working that day.  It never fails… when I’m not available I get multiple calls.  They were short notice too.

I decided very early in my make-up career to not be available on short notice… I do make occasional exceptions, but generally I am not available on less than two weeks notice.  I always tell people inquiring that they should book at least a month in advance.

I have bookings out over a year in advance and my schedule does fill in, and I need family time… and usually if I’ve got an open day in the next week or so the family makes plans or I have projects to work on.

One of the calls was from a mom calling to see if she could book me for her son’s 8th birthday party.  They had been at the County Fair on August 29th and I had painted her son as a tiger… she told me he was so excited about that tiger that he would not wash it off.  He took the pillows off his bed and slept flat on his back, woke up with it still perfectly intact, and she couldn’t get him to wash for days!  Said all the kids in the neighbourhood were very impressed. 

It is nice to get feedback like that!  I remember him too… he said he wanted a tiger and I asked him if he wanted a realistic one, he nodded enthusiastically.  So I painted him with a version of my Shere Khan design (show in an earlier post)… when I showed him the mirror his eyes got huge and he leaped out of the chair and practically ran over to his family… I was busy with the next child then.

I find that about 60% of the kids give me a huge smile and thanks, another 30% stare wide-eyed and nod when asked “do you like it?” and the final %10 I can never tell… no response, no eye widening, no smile, nothing… I assume they like it, at least they aren’t crying…

It was really nice to hear after the fact how much a kid enjoyed his face painting!

Oh… the final draft of my e-book on “The Business of Face Painting: A Business Guide for Face Painters, How to set-up, operate and market your business” is done!  We are just reviewing it again for those pesky typos and getting it set-up as a download – and discussing the cover.

The second book “The Art of Face Painting” is well underway… it is going to be chock-full of photos, techniques and step-by-steps.


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