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Halloween plans

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I love Halloween.  It is in only another  57 sleeps away!!  The last few years I have “worked”… or been away in the U.K. over the date.  This year I will be home AND it falls on Saturday!

I am taking appointments all day to do make-up/face painting for people and already have had five people book their spots before the end of August.

I really enjoy matching costumes and coming up with neat stuff on the spot. It is a lot different than painting out on a regular face painting job – more time, costumes to match up, lots more adults.  Some people want more than just a face painting so I get to have some fun with gore or special effects or tying in body painting to a costume.

I have trunks in the basement full of costumes and props.  It is so much fun to create new characters or even complete new creatures out of all the things I saved “just in case.”


Are you my mummy?

Are you my mummy?

I’ve got masses of Star Trek props and costumes, various monster costumes, clowns, cowboys/girls, bikers, faeries, various animal bits, a decapitated head (of Dracula I made as a prop for the play,) severed limbs, spiders, bats, fish, seaweed, ivy, period costumes… and I’ve forgotten a lot too!  I probably can make something to fit any period of history and any genre out of my store of stuff!


Space, The Final Frontier (see the Starship hanging off the hood?)

Space, The Final Frontier (see the Starship hanging off the hood?)


My Space, The Final Frontier costume won me first prize at a local event in 2004… I used UV and glow-in-the-dark fabric paint and tons of glitter paint and I was quite striking in the dark!  Took a lot of time to do and a LOT of fabric paint!  I’ve got the moon on my back and Jupiter on my a**!!!

I’ve no plans for myself this year but am looking forward to helping my clients do their best to win some contests!!

I am planning to make a few posts leading up to Halloween on painting monsters and matching costumes, and maybe some easy special effects stuff.  Things that the average person can do without spending a ton of money on specialty items.  I’m open to suggestions and requests – if I can do it with what I have available.


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