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speed queen? maybe…

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Well, today was my first gig using my new “fast” design display… I stated on my signage that they were all four minutes or less and I think I managed it in spades!  I was ripping through them FAST!!

I had photos of  76 (78 if you count the two extra in my care and cleaning sign) different designs that were all quick – lots of eye things, brows, masks, and animals without the teeth, etc.  I used many of the designs I painted on myself last weekend, plus weeded through all my photos for quick designs… surprized myself that I had so many.

I arranged the photos 16 per sheet and had 5 laminated letter size sheets to mount as well as  my signs, disclaimer, etc. I used the two fabric covered panels I had (mentioned in my last post) and simply propped them on the table at one end and set-up my kit on the other end.

My new "Fast Designs" display board

My new "Fast Designs" display board

And I actually developed a new kitty design on the job today for speed that really works!  I think I did more kitties than butterflies… er… well, maybe almost as many! 😉

I was getting the same kitty request over and over so I started pulling in drops all around and it looked great… so I started doing them all that way and refined it as I worked.  Now I need to get photos of it!

As usual I painted myself – today I wore my Spider-Man shirt (inherited it from my brother) so painted myself to match. 

I'm not the full face type!

I'm not the full face type!

I need a haircut… [sigh] just don’t have time to get to the salon.

I highlighted my design with silver Liquid Bling and oddly, most chose silver glitter when asked “would you like gold, silver, white or pink glitter”…

Next Saturday I am wearing my Hulk shirt to my gig at the Library Opening!  They were running an ad in the paper this weekend and actually say “Face Painting by Shannon Fennell”  AND they spelled it right, and used one of my photos!

We were going to take  my stopwatch today and mom was going to time me when I wasn’t aware of it, but when I got it out of the drawer the battery was dead… well, after 30 years it probably was ready to go.  So, we will do the timing of each design on Saturday after I get a new battery.

Didn’t get to use my split cake palettes today, except right at the end two little girls wanted “Rainbow Ribbons”…

What I call "Rainbow Ribbons"

What I call "Rainbow Ribbons"

Skulls were huge with the boys today as usual, and for the sake of speed I stopped doing the jaw bone, and made it more mask like.  The kids still loved it… lots of skulls with glitter!

Had a line still at quitting time… people insist on waiting even though we announced starting 30 minutes prior that face painting ends in half an hour… they just stick around.  I announced a couple more times that I’m only going to be able to paint about another #… but still they waited. 

Then I was at “last face painted at time” which I have on my signs – so I asked if there were siblings with the one in my chair – mom was there and there were two more girls.  So I informed those who were still in line “This is my last one here, sorry, that is it for today.”  At last they left!

Neither of us actually counted… BUT in the last 6 minutes I painted three kids, so we think I painted at least 10 in the last half hour, possibly a couple more… I really need to get an accurate count!!  And considering I take time to wash my brushes between uses, that’s pretty d*mn fast!

As we were walking to the car with the gear  I was hailed by a lady with an English accent complimenting my work and saying she had my card and would call me – she was from a town in the B.C. Interior and was talking about their annual fair in July and wanted to talk to me about it, was I available in July? She said they did have face painting but “nothing like this.”  That was nice. 🙂

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Multidisciplinary artist, world traveller, make-up artist, and cheese lover. I follow a low carb lifestyle to keep my diabetes in remission. Canadian expat in the UK.

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