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My face hurts


I spent this morning painting my face repeatedly…

I have to make a new display for “Quick Designs” and tried to get some cute child models over today (which is my only free day for the next several weeks) but our schedules didn’t mesh.

So, since I need to get photos and make the new display up for an event on the 22nd I had to use myself.

I paint myself often, but usually it is my face once or twice and then my arm… today, it was 17 times on my face  (yes, SEVENTEEN times!) particularly my right eye area. 

I wiped off each design with Pampers Sensitive wipes… (a couple of the designs  I “kept” by laying the wipe down and applying even pressure to get an imprint to keep!) and now know why my brother always cut me off at four designs when he was modelling for me!

A luddite photocopy - baby wipe pressed over the design to "save" it!

A Luddite photocopy - baby wipe pressed over the design to "save" it!

It really begins to hurt!   The skin around my eye is very tender and tight feeling right now.

I did get photos of 17 new designs though!  Now I need to edit the photos and do the layouts, print, laminate, crop and mount on my boards.

I think I will change my layouts too for this display – I usually do letter size sheets of 9 named designs, but I think I will make larger photos – perhaps 4 per page and cut them before I laminate so that I can mix and match them on the board individually.

Since I have to completely redo my design book too after it got ruined last weekend I am taking a good look at what I have in there – While I like to have all those photos in there to “show off” there are lots that are NEVER asked for, and others that I am sick of or take longer to do than others.  So, I feel I should take the opportunity to make some changes.

Due to the cost of colour ink for my printer I try not to make too many changes too often, but have a really good reason to do a wholesale re-vamp now!

I had a couple panels that I used to use for my tattoo display – foam core covered in red fabric secured with duct tape – that were just sitting downstairs in the basement.  I removed all the tattoo stuff and will re-use the velcro dots to make up my Quick Design display so I don’t have to rearrange my table top display unit.

My table top unit - a few years ago, there are more photos now.

My table top unit - a few years ago, there are more photos now.

I also have enough NEW designs to make up another Design Sheet for the “retail division” 🙂

I picked up more colour ink cartridges, inkjet brochure paper and velcro at Staples on Friday so I am all set to get this project done!

Not sure if I'll use this one...

Not sure if I'll use this one...

Author: Shannon Fennell

Multidisciplinary artist, world traveller, make-up artist, and cheese lover. I follow a low carb lifestyle to keep my diabetes in remission. Canadian expat in the UK.

2 thoughts on “My face hurts

  1. Oh yeah, it was the wipes. They are hard on the face after two cleanings let alone SEVENTEEN cleanings!! But, even if I had been washing with soap and water I think I would still have been a little raw – that’s a lot of skin cells to scour off! 😉

  2. Personally I think it’s the wipes that are the problem – I like to use a warm soapy flannel to wash off the face paint – I think it’s much kinder to skin. I find the first one is enough to make my skin a litttle sore. I do use wipes but always with a twinge of dissatisfaction – they’re full of chemicals to stop them from drying out – stop them from going mouldy etc – plus they’re designed for bottoms.

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