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Colour choices

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There are so many colours of face painting cosmetics out there when you consider all the different brands that it can be confusing and frustrating, particularly when you are looking for something specific. 

Computer monitors do not show you the true colours, nor do printed brochures, or descriptions from other people.  People do see colour differently so what one person describes as blue-green someone else would call teal or blue or blue-ish green – all of which are quite different things.

Even when you find a colour that you love in a specific brand the next time you buy it it is not the same as they can vary from batch to batch!

Sometimes colours look good in the pot, but when applied to skin they look quite a bit different, and then dry to look completely different again.  Sort of like painting a wall… the colour in the paint can and on the paint chip are a lot lighter than it looks on the wall once it dries! 

Some people are a bit more finicky about the colours they use than the rest of us! 🙂  I’m not too bothered by slight variations or differences between brands.  I like lots of colours but when I am replacing a used up colour in my palette with a new cake I just pop in a similar shade.  I don’t need to have the exact same colour or even the same brand… 

HOWEVER, there are certain colours/brands that I would not be without due to HOW they work, more than the exact colour they are.  Snazaroo Bright Red is one of them – it is the definitive Spider-Man colour and it is the best of the Snazaroo colours for application.  It goes on smoothly and evenly in one swipe.  Every cake I’ve used works the same.

I also must have Wolfe Face Art & FX Red as it is so highly pigmented that it is perfect for animal tongues and dripping blood – I get it very runny and let it drip off the brush where I want dribbles of blood on vampires or injuries.  It goes over top of white or other colours and does not bleed – it stays red.

Wolfe White is also required as it stays white and does not absorb colour from the base colours.  I use it for teeth, details, and any white design features that are applied on top of base coats in another colour.

Another one of my must haves is Kryolan Interferenz Bach Blue – it is truly gorgeous!  I have to have it because I love the colour, no other real reason.  It blends beautifully with the other brands too to make fantastic butterflies, princess faces and wintry scenes.

Using Kryolan Interferenz Bach Blue with other colours

Using Kryolan Interferenz Bach Blue with other colours

I also need Snazaroo Sparkle Orange.  I honestly think it is the best colour for tigers, it is bright and stays that way even after it dries, is pretty and, well, orange!

Everyone has different tastes and preferences so there is nothing to say what I like will suit anyone else. 

I’m not picky about white for base work and I generally use either Snazaroo or Kryolan Aquacolour.  I have both and just plop a new cake in the white when I need another.  I actually have no idea at the moment which one is in my palette!  I think it might be Kryolan…

I do have colours I like a lot, but, am content to use another colour if that is what I have on hand.  I like Funky Foxes Bright Green but am content with Snazaroo Grass Green if that is what is here when I need to replace my green.  Same with Kryolan Blue (I call it Royal Blue, not sure what Kryolan calls it!) – I really like the colour and how it works, but, will use up the Snazaroo Blue happily.

For black I actually carry three brands in my kit – Kryolan in my palette for bases, Snazaroo in a separate cake for line-work and a large bottle of Fardel liquid for certain designs and techniques and as a back-up when working in extreme heat (when the other blacks get gooey!)

My Peacock Mask using Fardel Green-Gold

My Peacock Mask using Fardel Green-Gold

I also carry a bottle of Fardel Green-Gold which is one of the most beautiful colours I’ve ever seen.  I use it sparingly on faeries, peacock designs and sometimes florals.  It is wonderful on lips too as the gold in the paint rises to the top as it dries to create a gorgeous shimmer.

There is a Fardel cream colour that I love – their Turquoise is deep and beautiful and looking at my body painting portfolio I seem to use it most of the time.  Might be in a rut, I don’t know!  🙂



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