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Well, we all survived the road trip… barely.  As trip bloggers both Anne and I were pretty bad what with lousy hotel wireless, illness and tiredness we really were not posting much…

Anne and her mom have been here now for 9 days and neither Anne nor I have painted anyone!  Amazing!  Tomorrow we will be making up for it as I accepted a gig at our local rodeo – The Grande Prairie Stompede – face painting for one of the sponsors for 6 hours… and Anne gets to come paint with me.  I’m happy to have the help and she’s excited to be painting in Canada, at a rodeo and gets to use my kit.

While we were in Calgary we went to Liz Small’s for a face painting “jam” which was less a jam than a hen party!  It was great to meet a group of Albertan painters… I am so out of the way up here that I don’t get to meet people in person often!  Anne said that the Canadians are as crazy as the Limeys… I think I resent that!

Liz made this awesome dish she called “Coronation Chicken”… yummy!!!  I’ve asked for the recipe.

I’m going to be giving my new palette of split cakes a work out tomorrow so hope to have some photos to post showing the results… hopefully they are a success.  I have cut up sponges specifically to use with the cakes in shapes that should allow us to create bases for things like butterflies and masks quickly – with two of “test driving” them I hope to assess the viability of long term useage on the job!  Over the years I’ve had many ideas – some don’t work like they should!!  🙂


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